Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology

Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology

Part I: Europe

1st Edition - June 8, 2004

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  • Authors: J. Ehlers, P.L. Gibbard
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080540146

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This book is the first of three volumes in which the recent knowledge of the extent and chronology of Quaternary glaciations has been compiled on a global scale. This information is seen as a fundamental requirement, not only for the glacial workers, but for the wider user-community of general Quaternary workers. In particular the need for accurate ice-front positions is a basic requirement for the rapidly growing field of palaeoclimate modelling. In order to provide the information for the widest-possible range of users in the most accessible form, a series of digital maps was prepared.The glacial limits were mapped in ArcView, the Geographical Information System (GIS) used by the work group. Digital maps, showing glacial limits, end moraines, ice-dammed lakes, glacier-induced drainage diversions and the locations of key sections through which the glacial limits are defined and dated are included. For major parts of Europe also the extent of the maximum Eemian transgression has been indicated. The digital maps in this volume cover all of Europe and parts of northwestern Siberia. Both overview maps and more detailed maps are provided.

Table of Contents

  • Preface (J. Ehlers, P.L. Gibbard).
    Quaternary glaciations in Austria (D. van Husen).
    The main glacial limits in Belarus (A.K. Karabanov, A.V. Matveyev, I.E. Pavlovskaya).
    Glacial history of the Croatian Adriatic and Coastal Dinarides (L. Marjanac, T. Marjanac).
    The Pleistocene glaciation of Czechia (M. Růžička).
    The Pleistocene of Denmark: a review of stratigraphy and glaciation history (M. Houmark-Nielsen).
    Pleistocene glacial limits in England, Scotland and Wales (C.D. Clark, P.L. Gibbard, J. Rose).
    Pleistocene glaciations in Estonia (A. Raukas, V. Kalm et al.).
    Glaciation of Finland (J.P. Lunkka, P. Johansson et al.).
    The palaeogeography of the last two glacial episodes in France: the Alps and Jura (J.-F. Buoncristiani, M. Campy).
    Palaeogeography of the last two glacial episodes in the Massif Central, France (J.-F. Buoncristiani, M. Campy).
    The glacial history of the Vosges Mountains (J.-L. Mercier, N. Jeser).
    The Quaternary glaciation of the Pyrenees (M. Calvet).
    Late Pleistocene (Würmian) glaciation of the Caucasus (R. Gobejishvili).
    Pleistocene glaciations of North Germany (J. Ehlers, L. Eissmann et al.).
    Pleistocene glaciations of South Germany (M. Fiebig, S.J.H. Buiter, D. Ellwanger).
    Pleistocene glaciation in the mountains of Greece (J.C. Woodward, M.G. Macklin, G.R. Smith).
    Extent and chronology of glaciations in Iceland: a brief overview of the glacial history (Á. Geirsdóttir).
    Pleistocene glaciations in Ireland (J. Knight, P. Coxon et al.).
    Evidence for several ice marginal positions in east central Ireland, and their relationship to the Drumlin Readvance Theory (R. Meehan).
    Glacial history of the southern side of the central Alps, Italy (A. Bini, L. Zuccoli).
    Quaternary glaciations in the western Italian Alps -a review (F. Carraro, M. Giardino).
    Quaternary glaciations in the eastern sector of the Italian Alps (G.B. Castiglioni).
    The Apennine glaciations in Italy (C. Giraudi).
    Deglaciation history of Latvia (V. Zelčs, A. Markots).
    A brief outline of the Quaternary of Lithuania and the history of its investigation (R. Guobyte).
    Pleistocene glaciation in The Netherlands (C. Laban, J.J.M. van der Meer).
    The North Sea basin (S.J. Carr).
    Ice sheet limits in Norway and on the Norwegian continental shelf (J. Mangerud).
    Pleistocene glacial limits in Poland (L. Marks). The Pleistocene glaciation of the Romanian Carpathians (P. Urdea).
    Pleistocene ice limits in the Russian northern lowlands (V. Astakhov).
    Valdaian glacial maxima in the Arkhangelsk district of northwestern Russia (I.N. Demidov, M. Houmark-Nielsen et al.).
    Glaciations of the East European Plain - distribution and chronology (A.A. Velichko, M.A. Faustova et al.).
    On the age and extent of the maximum Late Pleistocene ice advance along the Baltic-Caspian watershed (V.P. Gey, V.V. Kozlov, D.B. Malakhovsky).
    Weichselian glaciation of the Taymyr Peninsula, Siberia (C. Hjort, P. Möller, H. Alexanderson).
    The glacial history of the Barents and Kara Sea Region (J.I. Svendsen, V. Gataullin et al.).
    Glacial morphology of Serbia, with comments on the Pleistocene Glaciation of Monte Negro, Macedonia and Albania (L. Menkovic, M. Markovic et al.).
    The extent of Quaternary glaciations in Slovenia (M. Bavec, T. Verbič).
    Pleistocene glaciation in Spain (A.P. Alberti, M. Valcárcel Díaz, R.B. Chao).
    Glacial events in the western Iberian Mountains (B. Lemartinel).
    Glacial history of Sweden (J. Lundqvist).
    The Swiss glacial record - a schematic summary (C. Schlüchter).
    Turkish glaciers and glacial deposits (A. Çiner).
    Pleistocene glaciations in the Ukraine (A.V. Matoshko).
    Evidence of European ice sheet fluctuation during the last glacial cycle (G.S. Boulton, P. Dongelmans et al.).

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  • No. of pages: 488
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier Science 2004
  • Published: June 8, 2004
  • Imprint: Elsevier Science
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080540146

About the Authors

J. Ehlers

Affiliations and Expertise

Geologisches Landesamt, Hamburg, Germany

P.L. Gibbard

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Cambridge, UK

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