Quantum Coherence Correlation and Decoherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures

1st Edition

Authors: Toshihide Takagahara
Hardcover ISBN: 9780126822250
eBook ISBN: 9780080525129
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 10th February 2003
Page Count: 496
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Semiconductor nanostructures are attracting a great deal of interest as the most promising device with which to implement quantum information processing and quantum computing. This book surveys the present status of nanofabrication techniques, near field spectroscopy and microscopy to assist the fabricated nanostructures. It will be essential reading for academic and industrial researchers in pure and applied physics, optics, semiconductors and microelectronics.

Key Features

Key Features: The first up-to-date review articles on various aspects on quantum coherence, correlation and decoherence in semiconductor nanostructures


Academic and industrial researchers in pure and applied physics, optics, semiconductors and micro-electronics.

Table of Contents

Preface List of Contributors Chapter 1 Coherent Nonlinear Pulse Propagation on a Free-Exciton Resonance in a Semiconductor 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Theoretical Background 1.3 Samples and Experimental Techniques 1.4 Results and Discussion Excitation-Induced Suppression of Temporal Polariton Beating Self-Induced Transmission and Multiple Pulse Breakup Phonon-Induced Dephasing of the Excitonic Polarization 1.5 Conclusions Acknowledgments References Chapter 2 Carrier-Wave Rabi Flopping in Semiconductors 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Carrier-Wave Rabi Flopping Experiments Theory 2.3 Conclusions Acknowledgments References Chapter 3 High-Field Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures 3.1 Introduction 3.2 General Theory 3.3 High-Field Electo-Optics in Quantum Wells and Wires Real Space Theoretical Approach to Electon–Hole Wave Packets Electro-Magneto-Optical Simulations in Quantum Wells Static Franz–Keldysh Effect in Quantum Wires Dynamic Franz–Keldysh Effect in Quantum Wires 3.4 Excitonic Trapping, Ultrafast Population Transfer, and Rabi Flopping Theory of High Optical Field Effects in Quantum Wells Excitonic Trapping and Ultrafast Population Transfer 3.5 Carrier-Wave Rabi Flopping Theory and Computation of Sub-Optical-Carrier Pulse Propagation Breakdown of the Area Theorem in a Two-Level Atom Carrier-Wave Rabi Flopping in Semiconductors 3.6 Conclusions Acknowledgments References Chapter 4 Theory of Resonant Secondary Emission: Rayleigh Scattering versus Luminescence 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Disorder Eigenstates of Excitons 4.3 Exciton Hamiltonian and Density-Matrix Approach 4.4 Exciton Kinetics with Acoustic Phonon Scattering 4.5 Coherent and Incoherent Emission in the Time Domain


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About the Author

Toshihide Takagahara

Affiliations and Expertise

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan