In this volume contemporary methods designed to provide insights into, mathematical structure for, and predictive inferences about neuroendocrine control mechanisms are presented.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Collates an array of contemporary techniques for analysis of neuroendocrine data * Discusses current problems in and solutions to neurohormone pulse analysis * Identifies relevant software available

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Evolution of Deconvolution Analysis as a Hormone Pulse Detection Method, M.L. Johnson and J.D. Veldhuis. Specific Methodological Approaches to Selected Contemporary Issues in Deconvolution Analysis of Pulsatile Neuroendocrine Data, J.D. Veldhuis and M.L. Johnson. Physiological within subject Variability and Test-Retest Reliability of Deconvolution Analysis of Luteinizing Hormone Release, T. Mulligan, M.L. Johnson, and J.D. Veldhuis. Methods for Validating Deconvolution Analysis of Pulsatile Hormone Release: Luteinizing Hormone as a Paradigm, T. Mulligan, M.L. Johnson, and J.D. Veldhuis. Complicating Effects of Highly Correlated Model Variables on Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimates of Unique Parameter Values and Their Statistical Confidence Intervals: Estimating Basal Secretion and Neurohormone Half-Life by Deconvolution Analysis, J.D. Veldhuis, W.S. Evans, and M.L. Johnson. Techniques for Assessing Ultradian Rhythms in Hormonal Secretion, J. Sturis and E. Van Cauter. Frequency Domain Analysis of High-Frequency Ultradian Plasma Adrenocorticotripic Hormone and Glucocorticoid Fluctuations, M. Carnes and B. Goodman. Monitoring Dynamic Responses of Perifused Neuroendocrine Tissues to Stimuli in Real Time, A.R. Midgley, R.M. Brand, P.A. Favreau, B.G. Boving, M.N. Ghazzi, V. Padmanabhan, E.Y. Young, and H.C. Cantor. Realistic Emulation of Highly Irregular Temporal Patterns of Hormone Release: A Computer-Based Pulse Simulator, M. Staume, M.L. Johnson, and J.D. Veldhuis. Simulation of Peptide Prohormone Processing and Peptidergic Granule Transport and Release in Neurosecretory Cells, D.K. Hartline, R.W. Newcomb, and R.W. Newcomb. Systems-Level Analysis of Physiological Regulatory Interactions Controlling Complex Secretory Dynamics of the Growth Hormone Axis: A


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