Proceedings of the International Symposium on Quality and Process Control in the Reduction and Casting of Aluminum and Other Light Metals, Winnipeg, Canada, August 23–26, 1987

1st Edition

Proceedings of the Metallurgical Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


  • D. W. Macmillan
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    Covers all aspects of quality control, testing, monitoring and control of the reduction and casting processes in the light metals industry. Strong emphasis is placed on the statistical process control in the smelting and casting of aluminium, and other important practical applications.


    For technicians and operators in industry and students of pyrometallurgy.

    Table of Contents

    (partial) Alumina to aluminium: bridging two process streams, M Gilbert et al. Improvements in electrolyte radio control, D B Fowler et al. Recent developments in bake oven process control, C Dreyer. Effects of raw materials properties and processing methods on electrode behaviour, L Castonguay et al. Contribution to the optimisation energy consumption for baking of carbon electrodes in the flue ring furnaces, F Gheorghiu. The need for fast dynamic, dynamic measurement techniques in understanding and controlling the casting process, J P Martin. O.E.S. quality control of aluminium alloy compositions, J-L Fortier & F Kimmerle. Use of statistical methods in aluminium casting, H E Bell. Simulating the operation of the aluminium melter-holder, J Peron & R T Bui.


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