QRS for BDS III Year - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9788131255353

QRS for BDS III Year

3rd Edition

Author: Jyotsna Rao
Paperback ISBN: 9788131255353
Imprint: Elsevier India
Published Date: 20th November 2018
Page Count: 788

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Quick Review Series for BDS 3rd Year is an extremely exam-oriented book. Now in third edition, the book contains a collection of the last 22 years’ solved questions of General Medicine, General Surgery, Oral Pathology and Microbiology in accordance with the new syllabus of BDS 3rd year. The book will serve the requirements of BDS 3rd year students to prepare for their examinations and help PG aspirants in quick review of important topics.

Key Features

  • Simple well illustrated and lucid in content and style
  • Perfectly segregated into 3 sections: General Medicine, General Surgery and Oral Pathology
  • Collection of last 22 years’ solved questions asked in different university examinations across India
  • Sample question papers on all the subjects

Table of Contents

Section I General Medicine

Topic 1 Aims of Medicine and Clinical Methods

Topic 2 Diseases of the Gastrointestinal System

Topic 3 Diseases of Liver and Biliary System

Topic 4 Haematology

Topic 5 Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

Topic 6 Diseases of the Respiratory System

Topic 7 Diseases of Nervous System

Topic 8 Diseases of the Kidneys and Genitourinary System 138

Topic 9 Disturbances in Water, Electrolyte

and Acid-Base Balance 145

Topic 10 Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases 149

Topic 11 Nutritional Factors in Diseases 169

Topic 12 Infectious Diseases 181

Topic 13 Immunological Factors in Disease

(Anaphylaxis and Drug Allergy) 195

Topic 14 Diseases of Connective Tissues,

Bones and Joints 200

Topic 15 Acute Poisoning and Environmental

Emergencies and Miscellaneous 204

Key Points to Remember 213

Section II General Surgery

Topic 1 General Principles of Operative Surgery, Sterilization/Asepsis, Diathermy, Cryosurgery and Lasers

Topic 2 Wounds, Sinus and Fistulae

Topic 3 Burns, Skin Grafting and Flaps

Topic 4 Haemorrhage and Shock

Topic 5 Bacterial Infections and Transmissible Viral Infections

Topic 6 Tumours, Cysts and Neck Swellings

Topic 7 Diseases of the Oral Cavity (Mouth, Tongue and Lips)

Topic 8 Diseases of Salivary Glands

Topic 9 Infections and Diseases of the Larynx and Nasopharynx

Topic 10 Diseases of Arteries, Veins and the Lymphatic System

Topic 11 Nervous System

Topic 12 Fractures—General Principles

Topic 13 Anomalies of Development of Face (Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate)

Topic 14 Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

Topic 15 Local Anaesthesia, Biopsy and Miscellaneous

Key Points to Remember 411

Section III Oral Pathology

Topic 1 Developmental Disturbances of Oral and Paraoral Structures

Topic 2 Benign and Malignant Tumours of the Oral Cavity

Topic 3 Tumours of Salivary Glands

Topic 4 Cysts and Tumours of Odotogenic Origin

Topic 5 Bacterial Infections of the Oral Cavity

Topic 6 Viral Infections of the Oral Cavity

Topic 7 Mycotic Infections of the Oral Cavity

Topic 8 Diseases of the Periodontium

Topic 9 Dental Caries

Topic 10 Diseases of the Pulp and Periapical Tissues

Topic 11 Spread of Oral Infections

Topic 12 Physical and Chemical Injuries of the Oral Cavity

Topic 13 Regressive Alterations of the Teeth

Topic 14 Healing of Oral Wounds

Topic 15 Oral Aspects of Metabolic Disease

Topic 16 Allergic and Immunologic Diseases of the Oral Cavity

Topic 17 Diseases of Bone and Joints

Topic 18 Diseases of Blood and Blood Forming Organs

Topic 19 Diseases of the Skin

Topic 20 Diseases of the Nerves and Muscles

Topic 21 Forensic Odontology

Key Points to Remember

Digital Resources

  • Additional 3 solved papers
  • MCQs


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