Volume 8. Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, XII

1st Edition

Proceedings of the IFIP TC6/WG6.1. Twelfth International Symposium on Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, U.S.A., 22-25 June, 1992



For more than a decade, researchers and engineers have been addressing the problem of the application of formal description techniques to protocol specification, implementation, testing and verification. This book identifies the many successes that have been achieved within the industrial framework and the difficulties encountered in applying theoretical methods to practical situations.

Issues discussed include: testing and certification; verification; validation; environments and automated tools; formal specifications; protocol conversion; implementation; specification languages and models.

Consideration is also given to the concerns surrounding education available to students and the need to upgrade and develop this through sponsorship of a study of an appropriate curriculum at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It is hoped this publication will stimulate such support and inspire further research in this important arena.

Table of Contents

Keynote Speech. Formal Methods Applied to Software Production (A.G. Fraser). Session I.A: Testing Theory. Generating Conformance Test Sequences for Combined Control and Data Flow of Communication Protocols (R.E. Miller, S. Paul). A Test Suite Generation Method for Extended Finite State Machines Using Axiomatic Semantics Approach (C.-J. Wang, M.T. Liu). Session I.B: Testability. Testing Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Processes (W. Yi, K.G. Larsen). Testability of Formal Specifications (S.P. van de Burgt, J. Kroon, A.M. Peeters). Session I.C: Specification. Structuring Protocols Using Exceptions in a LOTOS Extension (J. Quemada, A. Azcorra). Formal Model of a High Speed Transport Protocol (G.M. Lundy, R.C. McArthur). Session I.D: Specification. On Modelling and Reasoning About Hybrid Systems (R.C. Sekar, Y.-J. Lin, S. Narain). A Queue Model Relating Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication (J. Tretmans, L. Verhaard). Invited Paper. Protocol Development Success Stories: Part I (H. Rudin). Session II.A: Implementation. From Service Specification to Protocol Entity Implementation - An Excercise in Formal Protocol Development (C. Dendorfer, R. Weber). Development of Satellite Communication Networks Based on LOTOS (A. Fernández, C. Miguel, L. Vidaller, J. Quemada). Session II.B: Conformance Testing. A Test Derivation Method Based on Exploiting Structure Information (R.J. Velthuys, J.M. Schneider, G. Zörntlein). Automatic Test Generation for Protocol Data Aspects (E. Kwast). Session II.C: Testing Theory. Test Suite Generation from a FSM with a Given Type of Implementation Errors (A. Petrenko, N. Yevtushenko). Improvements in UIO Sequence Generation and Partial UIO Sequences (W. Chun, P.D. Amer). Session II.D: Conformance Testing. Computing Diagnotic Tests for Incorrect Processes (U. Celikk


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