Protecting Your Ideas

1st Edition

The Inventor's Guide to Patents

Print ISBN: 9780123995377
eBook ISBN: 9780080515274
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 8th October 1998
Page Count: 222
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Intellectual property law is currently exploding, as demonstrated by the growth of technology transfer offices in universities. More and more scientists, companies, and institutions are rushing to secure intellectual property rights for their ideas and inventions. This process frustrates many people; patent laws are constantly changing, and most books about them are either overly technical or boring.

Protecting Your Ideas: The Inventor's Guide to Patents is a succinct, straightforward guide to the system. This guide presents the steps involved in obtaining patent protection for inventions. It is easy to read and brimming with essential information and advice compounded from FAQs posed by the author's academic and industrial clientele. The text includes tips, warnings, and examples that guide the reader through the invention process so patent rights are not jeopardized. Checklists and other helpful information are provided to assist the inventor preparing to enter the patent process. The book includes valuable resource information and business guidance to protect the inventor from consumer fraud that is sometimes associated with the patent process. Protecting and Idea is a must read for every engineer, scientist, or amateur inventor.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Simple, easy-to-read format demystifies the patent process

  • Numerous example patents help to illustrate the issues involved
  • Provides an overview of the types of intellectual property protection
  • Incorporates up-to-date information about U.S. patent laws
  • Advises inventors about the do's and don'ts of patenting
  • Includes useful resources for helping inventors safeguard their ideas


Individuals interested in how the patent process works; scientists, engineers, and technical professionals (including medical and computer science) in academia, industry, and government sectors; people who work in technology transfer.

Table of Contents

Choose the Right Protection. The Types of Patents and Patent Applications. The Invention Process. Documenting Your Ideas. Researching Your Ideas. Protect Yourself. Preparing the Patent Application. Filing and Prosecuting the Patent Application. Deciding to Patent. Appendix I: Resources. Appendix II: Patent & Trademark Depository Libraries. Appendix III: Tips Regarding Invention Development Firms. Subject Index.


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@qu:"Protecting Your Ideas is the entrepreneur's step-by-step guide for safeguarding intellectual property." @source:--Robert G. Templin, Jr., Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology @qu:"Rarely does one find a book that has so much important information on a subject so vital to the creative or inventive mind. Ms. Bryant has built an important bridge for the inventor on the long road to success." @source:--Joe East, President, PAR Technologies @qu:"More useful information per square inch than any other book I have seen on this subject." @source:--Shelia Marsh, Principal Attorney, The In-House Advantage @qu:"Joy Bryant has the rare ability to translate very complicated and weighty stuff into immediately understandable and even interesting information." @source:--Anne Womack, Director of Sponsored Programs, College of William and Mary @qu:"Joy Bryant's book is a clear and concise description of the IP (intellectual property) maze; it defines and describes IP and how to protect it. The book is for everyone on your team; it is an essential tool for the preservation of your ideas and your future. Buy this roadmap and use it." @source:--Dr. Kent A. Murphy, President, F&S, Inc.