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Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

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Chapter 1. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Project Finance


1.1 What is Project Finance?

1.2 Why Do Sponsors Use Project Finance?

1.3 Who Are the Sponsors of a Project Finance Deal?

1.4 Overview of the Features of Project Finance

1.5 The Theory of Project Finance

Chapter 2. The Market for Project Finance: Applications and Sectors


2.1 Historical Evolution of Project Finance and Market Segments

2.2 The Global Project Finance Market

2.3 The Evolution of the PPP Market

Chapter 3. Project Characteristics, Risk Analysis, and Risk Management


3.1 Identifying Project Risks

3.2 Risk Allocation with Contracts Stipulated by the SPV

3.3 Summary of the Risk Management Process

Chapter 4. The Role of Advisors in a Project Finance Deal


4.1 The Role of Legal Advisors in Project Finance Deals

4.2 The Role of the Independent Engineer in Project Finance Deals

4.3 The Role of Insurance Advisors and Insurance Companies in Project Finance Deals

Chapter 5. Valuing the Project and Project Cash Flow Analysis


5.1 Analysis of Operating Cash Flows and Their Behavior in Different Project Life Cycle Phases

5.2 Defining the Optimal Capital Structure for the Deal

5.3 Cover Ratios

5.4 Sensitivity Analysis and Scenario Analysis

Chapter 6. Financing the Deal


6.1 Advisory and Arranging Activities for Project Finance Funding

6.2 Other Roles in Syndicated Loans

6.3 Fee Structure

6.4 International Financial Institutions and Multilateral Banks

6.5 Bilateral Agencies: Developmental Age


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"Professor Gatti offers the reader an original viewpoint combining rigorous theory with constant reference to market best practices." -- Roberto Albisetti, IFC World Bank Group and University of Genoa

"Gatti's book provides comprehensive and coherent coverage of project finance, including  transaction structures, the institutional environment, and  financial analysis.  Its presentation of practical examples and cases makes it a great teaching tool."  -- Raymond Hill, Emory University

"A good read as well as an excellent reference book, Project Finance in Theory and Practice is very valuable as it is successfully pitched to be useful to readers of all levels of education and experience and explains the roles and objectives of the different parties very clearly. The book can be used both for training and as a guide to best practices." -- Alexander S. Moczarski, President and Chief Executive Officer - Guy Carpenter - Marsh & McLennan Group

 Project finance is a long-established technique for non recourse financing which is extremely relevant today, with more and more infrastructure and other large projects being developed. Professor Gatti and the other contributors use practical concepts and very relevant case studies to clearly explain Project Financing to its readers. It is a must read and a reference book for professionals and practitioners.  -- Jean Pierre Mustier, UniCredit Deputy General Manager and Head of CIB Division