Volumes in this widely revered series present comprehensive reviews of drug substances and additional materials, with critical review chapters that summarize information related to the characterization of drug substances and excipients. This organizational structure meets the needs of the pharmaceutical community and allows for the development of a timely vehicle for publishing review materials on this topic.

The scope of the Profiles series encompasses review articles and database compilations that fall within one of the following six broad categories: Physical profiles of drug substances and excipients; Analytical profiles of drug substances and excipients; Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic profiles of drug substances and excipients; Methodology related to the characterization of drug substances and excipients; Methods of chemical synthesis; and Reviews of the uses and applications for individual drug substances, classes of drug substances, or excipients.

Key Features

  • Presents comprehensive reviews covering all aspects of drug development and formulation of drugs
  • Profiles creatine monohydrate and fexofenadine hydrochloride, as well as five others
  • Meets the information needs of the drug development community


Medicinal, pharmaceutical, and analytical chemists; pharmacologists

Table of Contents

  1. Buclizine
  2. Gamal A. E. Mostafa and Abdullah A. Al-Badr

  3. Chitin
  4. Nidal H. Daraghmeh, Babur Z. Chowdhry, Stephen A. Leharne, Mahmoud M. Al Omari and Adnan A. Badwan

  6. Maria L.A.D Lestari, Febri Ardiana and Gunawan Indrayanto

  7. Gemifloxacin
  8. Badraddin M.H. Al-Hadiya1 and Ashraf M.M. Mahmoud

  9. Glimepiride
  10. Maria L.A.D Lestari and Gunawan Indrayanto

  11. Lornoxicam
  12. Mahrous O. Ahmed, Abdullah A. Al-Badr

  13. Magnesium Silicate
  14. Iyad Rashid, Nidal H. Daraghmeh, Mahmoud M. Al Omari, Babur Z. Chowdhry, Stephen A. Leharne , Hamdallah A. Hodali and Adnan A. Badwan

  15. Tadalafil
  16. Alaa A.-M. Abdel-Aziz, Yousif A. Asiri, Adel S. El-Azab, Mohamed A. Al-Omar and Takehisa Kunieda

  17. Direct Crystallization of Enantiomers and Dissociable Diastereomers
  18. Harry G. Brittain

  19. Cocrystal Systems of Pharmaceutical Interest: 2009

Harry G. Brittain


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