The definitive guide to the international membrane industry.

• Will help you to keep track of the major issues affecting the fast growing membrane market.
• Will enable you to identify new business opportunities.
• Includes Market forecasts, commentary and analysis supported by primary research.

Completely revised and updated, the 3rd edition of Profile of the International Membrane Industry - Market Prospects to 2008 reviews the markets, technological trends and major manufacturers of industrial membranes.

We have drawn on the expertise from our existing portfolio, Membrane Technology newsletter and Filtration & Separation magazine to bring you vital information, analyses and forecasts that cannot be found anywhere else.

The report covers all industrial applications involving both liquid and gas separation, including:
• Microfiltration.
• Ultrafiltration.
• Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.
• All other membrane separations.

The study deals with all kinds of separating media that are now accepted as membranes, whether they are polymeric, ceramic, metallic or liquid. In broad terms the study covers microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration and all other membrane separations.

Profile of the International Membrane Industry covers the structure of the industry, highlighting developments, identifying future trends, and looking at recent mergers and acquisitions in the sector. Market estimates and forecasts to 2008, by region and membrane type, are presented along with an analysis of the main end-user markets for industrial membranes, and a technology overview. Forty leading international membrane manufacturer


Membrane manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, suppliers to the membrane industry, corporate management, senior marketing management, business analysts, investment analysts, financial analysts, market forecasters, business development managers and mergers and acquisitions specialists.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
1.1 Scope of Profile
1.2 Membrane Processes
1.3 Market Estimate Analysis
1.4 Economic Overview

Chapter 2 - The World Membrane Market
2.1 The Structure of the Market
2.1.1 Corporate Structure of the Market
2.1.2 Market Consolidation
2.2 Market Determining Factors
2.2.1 Economic Considerations
2.2.2 Environmental Concerns
2.2.3 Water Quality and Availability
2.2.4 Finer Separations
2.2.5 Membrane Price
2.2.6 Other Market Determining Factors
2.3 Market Size Determination
2.3.1 Scope of Estimates
2.4 World Market Size Estimates and Forecasts
2.4.1 Total World Market
2.4.2 World Market Analysis
2.5 Regional Review
2.6 Europe
2.6.1 Germany
2.6.2 France
2.6.3 Italy
2.6.4 UK
2.6.5 Spin
2.6.6 Benelux
2.6.7 Nordic Countries
2.6.8 Austria and Switzerland
2.6.9 Rest of Europe
2.6.10 Russia
2.6.11 Other Eastern Europe
2.7 The Americas
2.7.1 The USA
2.7.2 Other North America
2.7.3 Central and South America
2.8 Africa
2.9 Asia
2.9.1 Turkey and the Middle East
2.9.2 South Asia
2.9.3 China
2.9.4 Japan
2.9.5 Other East Asia
2.9.6 South East Asia
2.10 Australasia

Chapter 3 - Membrane Process Markets
3.1 The Membrane Processes
3.2 The Membrane Process Markets


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