Production, Refining, Fabrication and Recycling of Light Metals

1st Edition

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Production, Refining, Fabrication and Recycling of Light Metals, Hamilton, Ontario, August 26-30, 1990



The Proceedings describe recent developments in the field of smelting, refining and fabrication of aluminum and magnesium in Canada and abroad.


For engineers and scientists in the field of Mining Technology.

Table of Contents

(partial) Section headings and selected papers: Foreword. Aluminum and Magnesium Smelting. Selection of monolithic castables for cathode barriers, D V Stewart & A T Tabereaux. Aluminothermic production of magnesium at the 100 kVa pilot scale, A F Saavedra & N E Richards. Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Aluminum Fabrication Processes. The paramount importance of thermal properties and coefficients in thermal process modelling, L J Kiss et al. Modelling evolution of microstructure during hot-rolling by plane-strain compression, S P Timothy et al. Aluminum Smelting and the Protection of the Environment. Environmental protection and aluminum smelting, a successful integration, M Lalonde. Zero process water discharge and storm water recycling at the Lauralco aluminum smelter, P Aylen et al. Light Metal Matrix Composites. Sedimentation during liquid processing of metal matrix composites, S Lafreniere & G A Irons. Properties and applications of particulate reinforced aluminum metal matrix composites, P L Morris & C Baker. Melting, Alloying and Treatment of Light Metals. Grain refinement with a boron-free master alloy, P J Read. Precipitation hardening in A356 alloys, S Sivkumar et al. Aluminum and Magnesium Recycling. Economics of recycling magnesium, J C Agarwal et al. Aluminum recycling in the 90s, R Yank. Fabrication and Applications of Light Metals. Ceramic components for light metal casting, R H Brown & G E Holling. Structural design trends for magnesium die castings, T J Ruden. Authors' index.


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