Proceedings of the Sixth New England Bioengineering Conference

Proceedings of the Sixth New England Bioengineering Conference

March 23-24, 1978, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island

1st Edition - January 1, 1978

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  • Editor: Dov Jaron
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483182049

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Table of Contents

  • Contents and Scientific Program


    Plenary Session

    Guest Lecturer

    Session 1: Cardiovascular System

    Performance of the Rhone-Poulenc Non-Occlusive Roller

    Design of A System to Simulate The Fluid Mechanics of the Human Left Ventricle

    Analysis of the Diastolic Pressure-Volume Relationship Using an Ellipsoidal Representation of the Left Ventricle

    Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Estimation Based Upon An Analog Model of the Aorta: Comparison with Thermodilution Method in 13 Patients

    An Analytical Study of the Self Cleaning Heart Valve

    Relationship Between Coronary Artery Stenosis and Left Ventricular Asynergy: A Computerized Study to Evaluate Lv Wall Motion

    A Four-Channel Cardiac Dimension Gauge Using Inductively Coupled Coils

    Kortokoff Sounds - A Phenomenon Associated with Parametric Instability of Fluid Filled Elastic Tube

    Session 2: Biomechanics I

    An Instrumented Laxity Test of the Knee

    The Dynamics of the Center of Mass in the Analysis of Normal and Pathological Gait

    Functional Characteristics of Muscles During Pathological Gait

    A Three Dimensional Energetic Analysis of Normal and Pathological Gait

    The Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Injuries In Human-Powered Transportation

    Optimization of An Artificial Knee Joint for Osteoarthritic Patients (Torsion Bar Optimization) by A Heuristic Technique

    Force Analysis of Elbow Flexors

    The Kinematics and Pathokinematics of the Knee Joint, Studied by the Instant Axis Concept

    Session 3: Computer Applications in Medicine

    Microprocessor-Based Modules and Systems for Intensive Care Patients

    An Inexpensive Microcomputer Trend Monitoring System

    A Microcomputer System for Quantitative Radiology

    Computer Assisted Fluid Balance

    A Computerized Pulmonary Spectral Phonograph

    Fast Computer Control for Duplex Doppler and B-Mode Ultrasonography

    Evaluation of Programs for Computer Ecg Interpretation

    A Computerized Glaucoma Center Data Base Research Resource

    Session 4: Biomedical Instrumentation I

    A Wheelchair Ergometer Adaptable to Various Wheelchairs

    Design of Wheelchair Dynamometer

    Assessment of Cerebral Hemodynamics by No-Touch Ocular Pulse

    Non-Invasive Techniques in Detection of Extracranial Arterial Disease: A Clinical Evaluation

    An Improved Laser Doppler Microscope for Measurement of In-Vivo Velocity Distributions in the Microcirculation

    Experiments in Developing A Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Microscope

    Thick Film Hybrid Integrated Circuits for Medical Instrumentation

    Design and Tests of A Body Plethysmograph and Pneumatic Differentiator

    Session 5: Artificial Organs

    An Electrothermal Heart Assist Device

    Improved Servo-Controlled Left Ventricular Assist Device

    Investigation of Microporous Teflon Tubings for Use In An Artificial Glomerulus

    Techniques for Histological Studies of Hybrid Artificial Organs,

    Electromyogram-Triggered Diaphragm Pacer

    Mass Transfer in A Two Phase (Liquid-Liquid) Crossflow Blood Oxygenator

    The Dialyzer Decision--A Rational Approach

    Perturbation of Prosthesis Alignment and Its Effect On Below-Knee Amputees

    Session 6: Sports Medicine

    Medical Services XIII Winter Olympic Games, Lake Placid, New York

    An Analysis of Shot Put

    A Shoe for Measuring Foot-To-Ground Forces While Running

    The Boston Brace for Back Injuries in Athletes, Mechanics

    Study of Mechanisms

    The Role of Musculature in Injuries to The Medial Collateral Ligament

    In-Vivo Measurement of Knee Joint Laxity

    Session 7: Ultrasound

    Near-Field Characteristics of Biomedical Ultrasonic Transducers

    Elimination of Static Echo Clutter in Crossed Beam Doppler Systems

    Computer Control of Analog Delay Lines for B-Mode Ultrasonography

    Detection of Simulated Atheromas by Doppler Spectral Spreading

    Ultrasonic Identification of Microparticles in Extracorporeal Circuits

    Session 8: Imaging and Signal Processing

    Arma Modeling of the Non-Periodic Component and Pattern Classification of Short Time Series from Human Plasma

    Holographic Interferrometric Measurement of Plant Displacement

    Results of A Feature Evaluation Study for the Automated Discrimination of Leukocytes

    Biomechanics Applications of Direct Linear Transformation in Close Range Photogrammetry

    Evaluation of Heart Muscle Defects (Akynosis, Diskynesis) from Scintigraphic Images

    Computer Aided Cytophotometry for Kinetic Studies of Tumor Cell Growth and Lymphocyte Blastogenesis

    Session 9: Biomedical Engineering Education

    Ph.D./M.D. Training in Biomedical Engineering

    How to Teach Physiology to Engineers

    A Regional Model for A Hospital Based Clinical Engineering Internship Program

    Education of the Biomedical Engineering Professional

    Emergency Medical Services Projects At The W.P.I.St. Vincent Hospital Project Center

    Cross-Institutional and Multidisciplinary Biomedical

    Engineering and Science Program At Drexel University

    Tutorial: Biomedical Imaging

    Session 10: Biomedical Imaging

    Radionuclide Techniques for Evaluating Cardiac Function

    Current Applications of Temporally Coded Apertures in Nuclear Medicine

    Emission Computed Tomography,

    Computerized Image Reconstruction in Classical Tomography

    Real Time Two-Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging

    Session 11: Bioelectric Phenomena

    Clinical Engineering in Psychiatry: Automated Sleep EEG and EOG Analysis

    Utilization of A Computer System for Spectral Analysis of Electrical Activity in A Neural Circuit Associated with Sleep-Waking

    High Coherence Between Limbic Theta Rhythm and Sniffing In The Hamster: Implications for Olfactorylimbic Integration and Hormonal Regulation

    Responses of Joint Afferent Neurons to Loadings of Isolated Joint Capsule

    Current Response of Bilayer Membranes Exposed to Two Anesthetics, Carbocaine and Tetracaine

    Analog Computation of Cardiac Dipole Location

    Experimental Comparison of Three Methods of Processing Evoked Potentials

    A Technique for Observing In-Vivo Responses to Electrical Stimulation Using Rabbit Ear Chambers

    Controllability of Nonlinear Electromyographic Processors

    Session 12: Biomaterials

    A Porous Surfaced Diaphyseal Prosthesis for Long

    Shear Strength of Metal Wire Reinforced Acrylic Bone Cement

    Improvement of the Mechanical Properties of Polymethylmethacrylate by Graphite Fibre Reinforcement,

    Graphite Fiber Reinforced Polymethylmethacrylate as a Biomaterial

    Chemically Etched, Microfibrillar Polytetrafluoroethylene Material

    Evaluation and Testing of Spinal Fixation Rods

    Design Considerations for The Attachment of Tibial Plateaus in Total Knee Arthroplasty

    Comparison of In-Vitro and In-Vivo Passivation Studies On Implantable Anodes

    Acoustic Determination of the Biocompatibility of Implants

    Session 13: Biomedical Instrumentation II

    Differential Cooling Effects in Cryosurgery

    Radiation Exposure for Common Diagnostic Procedures:Variation Due to Equipment and Technique Factors

    A "Self Correcting" Electrocardiographic and Vectorcardiographic Lead System

    A New Fiber Optic Interferrometric Technique for Measuring Microvibrations in Otolaryngology

    Information Rate Via Vibrotactile, Two-Dimensional "Phantom" Sensation

    A Physical Model for The Detection of Neonatal Jaundice by Multispectral Skin Reflectance Analysis

    In-Vivo Study of Human Skin Rheology

    Signal Processing Using Charge-Coupled Devices

    Session 12: Biomechanics II

    Shear Strength of Trabecular Bone from The Femur

    The Effect of Fluoride On The Hardness and Structure of Bone: A Preliminary Study, M. Ruggiero

    Evaluation of Intrathoracic Response Using High-Speed Cineradiography

    Normal Modes of Vibration of the Vertebral Column

    The Behavior of the Thoracolumbar Spine in the 'Mast' Suit

    Inspiratory Flow Patterns for The Mechanical Ventillation of the Lungs

    An S.E.M. Study of the Failure of Normal Irradiated Skin Under Stress

    Finite Element Analysis of An Elliptical Hole in Stretched Skin

    Session 15: Modeling and Simulation

    Impaction of Charged Particles in A Bend

    The Fitting of A Quadratic Model to An Interactive System with Four Components

    Theoretical Assessment of A Validation Technique for Non Linear Physiological Models

    Use of Extended Topology in Modeling Sensory Projections

    Monitoring of Argon Gas Transport in Tissue

    Bioengineering and Biophysical Modeling: Some Implications of A New Theory of Vision, Angular Resolution of Visual Detail, and the Development of An ArtificialOr Substitute Eye

    Mathematical Model of Synaptic Facilitation and Conditioning

    Periodic Motion in An Interconnected Network with Neuron-Like Elements

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