Natural gas continues to be the fuel of choice for power generation and feedstock for a range of petrochemical industries. This trend is driven by environmental, economic and supply considerations with a balance clearly tilting in favor of natural gas as both fuel and feedstock. Despite the recent global economic uncertainty, the oil and gas industry is expected to continue its growth globally, especially in emerging economies. The expansion in LNG capacity beyond 2011 and 2012 coupled with recently launched and on-stream GTL plants poses real technological and environmental challenges. These important developments coupled with a global concern on green house gas emissions provide a fresh impetus to engage in new and more focused research activities aimed at mitigating or resolving the challenges facing the industry.
Academic researchers and plant engineers in the gas processing industry will benefit from the state of the art papers published in this collection that cover natural gas utilization, sustainability and excellence in gas processing.

Key Features

  • Provides state-of-the-art contributions in the area of gas processing
  • Covers solutions to technical and environmental problems
  • Input from academia and industry


Process engineers and technology developers in the oil and gas industry; researchers in the field of energy, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering

Table of Contents

    Solar to Fuel: Overview and Applications of CO2 Conversion to Fuel
    CO2 Adsorption Studies on Hydroxy Metal Carbonates at High Pressures
    The Carbon Footprint of Ammonia Process – Case Study on Utilization of Natural Gas & Environmental Sustainability
    Advanced Water Treatment Technologies for Produced Water
    CO2 Adsorption Experiments on Porous Cynometallates
    Predictive correlations of KGav for CO2 absorption into reactive solvents
    Scenario for world energy transformation in XXI century: natural gas dominated
    Improved Kent-Eisenberg models for predicting H2S and CO2 solubilities in aqueous TEA solutions
    Applications of Ionic Liquids in Gas Processing
    Enabling Innovation in Gas Processing
    Flawless Startup and Flawless Manufacturing
    Pearl GTL: Multi Purpose Dynamic Simulator (MPDS), an integrated simulation tool to support design and Flawless Start-Up
    Membrane Contactors for High Pressure Regeneration of Absorption Liquids used for Acid Gas Removal
    Brazed Aluminium Heat Exchangers - ( BAHX ) Surveillance - Analysis - Mitigation
    Improved Stage/Casing/Flange Combinations for Centrifugal Compressors
    Exergoeconomic Evaluation of Desalinated Water Production in Pipeline Gas Station
    Energy modeling for policy analysis
    Cost reduction of the NGL plant by integrating different heat pump systems
    Accuracy of alert systems to detect environmental disasters based on remote sensing satellite observations
    Non Destructive Testing on LNG tanks using Laser Doppler Vibrometry
    Compressor Aerodynamic Design for LNG Applications
    Electric Drives for LNG Plants
    Improved Performance of Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing for Long Range Inspection of Pipelines using Multi-Channel Systems
    Assessment of Mercury Exposure Risk in Eight Gas Processing Plants in the GCC Region
    Improving Accuracy of PR Equation of State for Predicting Gas Condensate Density by a New Volume Translated Model
    Influence of Imp


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