Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Counseling of Omphalocele

1st Edition

An Overview and Atlas of Cases


  • Chih-Ping Chen
    • Print ISBN 9789868379206

    Key Features

    • Omphalocele is a heterogeneous condition associated with chromosomal abnormalities, epigenetic defects, and various syndromes and disorders.
    • The book contains 6-charpter content list and 260 illustrations would suffice for the reader to realize the complexity of the omphalocele.
    • The atlas contains comprehensive visual information that has been gathered by the author during a career devoted to fetal medicine.
    • With the contents and atlas, the book will be a useful resource not only to all those involved in prenatal diagnosis of omphalocele, but also to those providing genetic counselling. It will help them take the correct diagnostic approaches, make accurate differential diagnoses, and implement the most appropriate procedures in the management of these pregnancies.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Numerical chromosomal abnormalities associated with omphalocele
    Chapter 2. Structural chromosomal abnormalities and uniparental disomy associated with omphalocele
    Chapter 3. Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
    Chapter 4. Omphalocele-exstrophy-imperforate anus-spinal defects (OEIS) complex
    Chapter 5. Pentalogy of Cantrell
    Chapter 6. Various syndromes and disorders associated with omphalocele
    Chapter 7. Atlas and cases


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    About the author

    Chih-Ping Chen

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mackay Memorial Hospital; Professor, National Yang-Ming University, China Medical University, Yuanpei University of Science and Technology, and Taiwan Asia University