Ian Sinclair's Practical Electronics Handbook combines a wealth useful day-to-day electronics information, concise explanations and practical guidance in this essential companion to anyone involved in electronics design and construction. The compact collection of key data, fundamental principles and circuit design basics provides an ideal reference for a wide range of students, enthusiasts, technicians and practitioners of electronics who have progressed beyond the basics. The sixth edition is updated throughout with new material on microcontrollers and computer assistance, and a new chapter on digital signal processing

Key Features

· Invaluable handbook and reference for hobbyists, students and technicians · Essential day-to-day electronics information, clear explanations and practical guidance in one compact volume · Assumes some previous electronics knowledge but coverage to interest beginners and professionals alike


Hobbyists, students, technicians and other professionals with some electronics knowledge. Anyone involved in post-basic practical electronics work.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction: Mathematical Conventions Chapter 1: Resistors Passive components Resistors Resistivity Resistivity calculations Resistor construction Tolerances and E-series Resistance value coding Surface mounted resistors Resistor characteristics Dissipation and temperature rise Variables and laws Resistors in circuit Kirchoff's law The superposition theorem Thevenin's theorem Thermistors Variation of resistance with temperaure Chapter 2: Capacitors Capacitance The parallel-plate capacitor Construction Other capacitor characteristics Energy and charge storage Time constants Reactance CR circuits Chapter 3: Inductive and Tuned Circuit Components Inductors Transformers Signal-matching transformers Mains transformers Other transformer types Surface-mounted inductors Inductance calculations Untuned transformers Inductive reactance LCR circuits Coupled tuned circuits Quartz crystals Temperature effects Wave filters Chapter 4: Chemical Cells and Batteries Introduction Primary and secondary cells Battery connections Simple cell The Leclanche cell The alkaline primary cells Miniature (button) cells Lithium cells Secondary cells Nickel-cadmium cells Lithium-ion rechargeable cells


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