Practical Biostatistics

1st Edition

A Friendly Step-by-Step Approach for Evidence-based Medicine

Print ISBN: 9780124157941
eBook ISBN: 9780124158573
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 26th July 2012
Page Count: 248
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Evidence-based medicine aims to apply the best available evidence gained from the scientific method to medical decision making. It is a practice that uses statistical analysis of scientific methods and outcomes to drive further experimentation and diagnosis. The profusion of evidence-based medicine in medical practice and clinical research has produced a need for life scientists and clinical researchers to assimilate biostatistics into their work to meet efficacy and practical standards. Practical Biostatistics provides researchers, medical professionals, and students with a friendly, practical guide to biostatistics. With a detailed outline of implementation steps complemented by a review of important topics, this book can be used as a quick reference or a hands-on guide to effectively incorporate biostatistics in clinical trials.

Key Features

  • Customized presentation for biological investigators with examples taken from current clinical trials in multiple disciplines
  • Clear and concise definitions and examples provide a pragmatic guide to bring clarity to the applications of statistics in improving human health
  • Addresses the challenge of assimilation of mathematical concepts to better interpret literature, to build stronger studies, to present research effectively, and to improve communication with supporting biostatisticians


Investigators and clinicians involved in genetics, genomics, immunology, virology, microbiology, cell biology, pharmacology, and biomedical research; post-doctoral fellows and graduate researchers; physicians who need to make evidence-based clinical decisions; physicians and medical students who consult medical literature which demands knowledge on biostatistics; instructors and trainees in national and international technical clinician and degree programs

Table of Contents




Part I Introduction

Chapter 1. Study Type Determination

1.1 Epidemiological Studies

1.2 Analytical Studies

1.3 Summary of Study Types

Suggested Reading

Part II. Observational Studies

Chapter 2. Determination of Association Strength between an Exposure Factor and an Event in Observational Studies

2.1 Case–Control Studies

2.2 Cohort Studies

Chapter 3. Increasing Accuracy in Observational Studies

3.1 Stratified Analysis

3.2 Multivariable Analysis

Suggested Reading

Part III. Step-by-Step Biostatistics of a Clinical Trial

Chapter 4. Step 1: Investigator’s Hypothesis and Expression of its Corresponding Outcome

Chapter 5. Step 2: Estimation and Assessment of a Published Trial

5.1 Factors Influencing n Determination

5.2 n Calculation

5.3 Assessing n of a Published Trial

Chapter 6. Step 3: Organization of Variables and Endpoints

6.1 Qualitative Variables

6.2 Quantitative Variables

Chapter 7. Step 4: Measures for Results Expression of a Clinical Trial

7.1 Central Tendency Measures

7.2 Dispersal Measures

7.3 Position Measures: Quantiles

Appendix 7.1 How to Calculate Mean Using Microsoft Excel (Section 7.1.1)

Appendix 7.2 How to “Trim” The Mean of Outliers (Section 7.1.1)

Appendix 7.3 How to Determine Median Using Microsoft Excel (Section 7.1.2)

Appendix 7.4 How to Determine Mode Using Microsoft Excel (Section 7.1.3)

Appendix 7.5 How to Calculate Standard Deviation Using Microsoft Excel (Section 7.2.2)

Appendix 7.6 How to Find the Exact BMI that Corresponds to the 90th Percentile using Microsoft Excel (Section 7.3)

Appendix 7.7 How to Put all BMIs in a “Rank and Percentile” Perspective using Microsoft Excel (Section 7.3)</


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"...strongly recommended as a practical guide for readers interested in applied biostatistics. Each chapter of the book is accompanied by practical examples and a huge set of reflection questions and answers." --Zentralblatt MATH, Practical Biostatistics

"With a detailed outline of implementation steps complemented by a review of important topics, this book can be used as a quick reference or a hands-on guide to effectively incorporate biostatistics in clinical trials.", April 2013

"Practical Biostatistics is destined to be a companion book for health professionals and graduation students who face the challenge of assimilating concepts on statistics." --Mauri Carakushansky, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist - Nemours Children's Clinic Orlando, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics - Florida State University, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics - University of Central Florida

"This work by Dr. Suchmacher and Dr. Geller is bound to become a classic and should be readily available on the desk, shelf and on line." --Salin Dahlben, Harvard University, Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Tufts University

"Dr. Suchmacher and Dr. Geller are experienced researchers and writers in the clinical research field, who were able to fathom the often confusing realm of Statistics applied to biological sciences, and to come back with a pragmatic study proposal for interested medical students and healthcare professionals […] In my opinion, 'Practical Biostatistics' will undoubtedly be welcomed as one of the books designed to bring medical students and healthcare professionals alike, closer to a better understanding of this inescapable issue." --Spyros G.E. Mezitis, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, The New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill, Cornell Medical Center

"I believe the result of [Drs. Suchmacher and Geller’s] effo