Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology

1st Edition - January 28, 1969

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  • Author: George Agrios
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323144032

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Plant Pathology presents information and advances in plant pathology including disease induction and development and disease resistance and control. This book is organized into two major parts encompassing 14 chapters that focus on diseases, pathogenicity, and pathogen variability. The first part of the book deals with general considerations of disease, the disease cycle, parasitism and pathogenicity, and the variability in pathogens. This is followed by a presentation of the mechanisms by which pathogens cause disease and plants resist disease. Core chapters focus on the effects of pathogen-produced enzymes, toxins, growth regulators, and polysaccharides on the structural organization and on the basic physiological processes of photosynthesis, translocation, and respiration. The chapters also discuss the defense mechanisms of the plant. Moreover, this book explains the genetics of host-parasite interaction, effects of environment on disease development, and control. The second part of the book deals with the infectious diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, parasitic higher plants, viruses, and nematodes. This part also looks into the noninfectious diseases caused by environmental factors. The diseases caused by each type of pathogen are discussed comprehensively as a group and are subsequently discussed individually in detail. This book includes diagrams of cycles for each disease to create visual images for better understanding of the disease and message retention. This book is ideal for students with introductory course in plant pathology.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    1. Introduction

    The Concept of Disease in Plants

    Importance of Plant Diseases—Losses

    Classification of Plant Diseases

    History of Plant Pathology

    Identification of Plant Diseases

    Part I. General Aspects of Infectious Diseases of Plants

    2. Parasitism and Disease Development

    Parasitism and Pathogenicity

    Host Range of Pathogens

    Stages in the Development of Disease

    3. Variability in Plant Pathogens

    Stages and Types of Variation

    Mechanisms of Variability

    4. How Pathogens Attack Plants

    Mechanical Forces Exerted by Pathogens on Host Tissues

    Chemical Weapons of Pathogens


    Microbial Toxins in Plant Disease

    Growth Regulators in Plant Disease


    5. Pathogen Effects on Plant Physiological Functions

    Effect of Pathogens on Photosynthesis

    Effect of Pathogens on Translocation of Water and Nutrients in the Host Plant

    Effect of Pathogens on Host Plant Respiration

    6. How Plants Defend Themselves Against Pathogens

    Structural Defense

    Biochemical Defense

    Genetics of Virulence in Pathogens and of Resistance in Host Plants

    7. Effect of Environment on Development of Infectious Plant Diseases

    Effect of Temperature

    Effect of Moisture

    Effect of Light

    Effect of Soil Reaction (pH)

    Effect of Host-Plant Nutrition

    The Rose of Environmental Factors in Plant Disease Epidemics

    8. Control of Plant Diseases

    Regulatory Methods

    Cultural Methods

    Biological Methods

    Physical Methods

    Chemical Methods

    Methods of Plant Disease Control with Chemicals

    Types of Chemicals Used for Plant Disease Control

    Mechanisms of Action of Chemicals Used to Control Plant Diseases

    Part II. Specific Plant Diseases

    9. Plant Diseases Caused by Fungi


    Characteristics of Plant Pathogenic Fungi

    Symptoms Caused by Fungi on Plants

    How Fungi Cause Disease in Plants

    Life Cycles of Fungi

    Control of Fungus Diseases of Plants

    Clubroot of Crucifers

    Phythium Seed Rot, Damping-Off, and Root Rot

    Late Blight of Potatoes

    Downy Mildew of Grape

    Rhizopus Soft Rot of Fruits and Vegetables

    Powdery Mildew of Rose and Peach

    Apple Scab

    Dutch Elm Disease

    Brown Rot of Stone Fruits

    Fusarium Wilt of Tomato

    Corn Smut

    Loose Smut of Barley and Wheat

    Bunt, or Stinking Smut, of Wheat

    Stem Rust of Wheat

    10. Plant Diseases Caused by Bacteria


    Characteristics of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria

    Symptoms Caused by Bacteria

    How Bacteria Cause Plant Diseases

    Control of Bacterial Diseases of Plants

    Fire Blight

    Crown Gall

    Wildfire of Tobacco

    Bacterial Soft Rots of Vegetables

    Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits

    Bacterial Canker and Gummosis of Stone Fruit Trees

    11. Plant Diseases Caused by Parasitic Higher Plants


    Characteristics of Parasitic Higher Plants

    Importance Groups of Parasitic Higher Plants



    Dwarfmistletoes of Conifers

    12. Plant Diseases Caused by Viruses


    Characteristics of Plant Viruses

    Virus Infection and Virus Synthesis

    Translocation and Distribution of Viruses in Plants

    Symptoms Caused by Plant Viruses

    Physiology of Virus-Infected Plants

    Transmission of Plant Viruses

    Strains, Cross Protection, Interference, and Acquired Immunity

    Purification of Plant Viruses

    Serology of Plant Viruses

    Nomenclature and Classification of Plant Viruses

    Identification of Plant Viruses

    Economic Importance of Plant Viruses

    Control of Plant Viruses

    Tobacco Mosaic

    Cucumber Mosaic

    Aster Yellows

    Curly Top of Sugar Beets

    Barley Yellow Dwarf

    Necrotic Ring Spot of Stone Fruits

    Wound-Tumor Disease

    Tristeza Disease of Citrus

    13. Plant Diseases Caused by Nematodes


    Characteristics of Plant Pathogenic Nematodes

    Symptoms Caused by Nematodes

    How Nematodes Affect Plants

    Interrelationships Between Nematodes and Other Plant Pathogens

    Control of Nematodes

    Root-Knot Nematodes

    Soybean Cyst Nematode

    Lesion Nematodes

    Stem and Bulb Nematode

    Foliar (Chrysanthemum) Nematode

    Stubby-Root Nematodes

    14. Environmental Factors That Cause Plant Diseases




    Inadequate Oxygen


    Air Pollution

    Nutritional Deficiencies in Plants

    Soil Minerals Toxic to Plants

    Improper Agricultural Practices

    General References




    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 646
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1969
  • Published: January 28, 1969
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323144032

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George Agrios

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