3rd Edition

A Psychosocial Approach


  • Sally French
  • Julius Sim
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702037658

    Key Features

    • The text offers a comprehensive exploration of the psychological and sociological factors as they apply to health, illness, impairment, and disability.
    • Wide range of topics covered includes material on the details of interpersonal communication and the impact of political factors on health status.
    • The issues covered in this volume are relevant to readers from all countries.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: The nature of health and illness
    1. Introduction
    2. Change, diversity and influences on patterns of health and ill-health
    3. Health, health education and physiotherapy practice
    4. Coping with illness
    5. Ageing in a social context: implications for health and social care

    Part 2: The psychosocial context of health and illness
    6. Sex gender and health care
    7. Health care for people from ethnic minority groups
    8. The psychology of pain
    9. The sociology of pain
    10. Recent perspectives on child development in relation to physiotherapy practice
    11. The subjective experience of illness
    12. Loss, bereavement and grief

    Part 3: Patients and practitioners
    13. Professions and professional work
    14. Interpersonal communication
    15. Moral decision–making in specific contexts

    Part 4: Psychosocial aspects of physiotherapy practice
    16. Defining disability: implications for physiotherapy practice
    17. Psychological interventions in chronic illness
    18. Counseling and enabling relationships
    19. Researching together: a participatory approach


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