Physiological Systems in Insects

Physiological Systems in Insects

3rd Edition - May 15, 2013

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  • Author: Marc Klowden
  • eBook ISBN: 9780124159709
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780124158191

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Physiological Systems in Insects discusses the roles of molecular biology, neuroendocrinology, biochemistry, and genetics in our understanding of insects. All chapters in the new edition are updated, with major revisions to those covering swiftly evolving areas like endocrine, developmental, behavioral, and nervous systems. The new edition includes the latest details from the literature on hormone receptors, behavioral genetics, insect genomics, neural integration, and much more. Organized according to insect physiological functions, this book is fully updated with the latest and foundational research that has influenced understanding of the patterns and processes of insects and is a valuable addition to the collection of any researcher or student working with insects. There are about 10 quintillion insects in the world divided into more than one million known species, and some scientists believe there may be more than 30 million species. As the largest living group on earth, insects can provide us with insight into adaptation, evolution, and survival. The internationally respected third edition of Marc Klowden's standard reference for entomologists and researchers and textbook for insect physiology courses provides the most comprehensive analysis of the systems that make insects important contributors to our environment.

Key Features

  • Third edition has been updated with new information in almost every chapter and new figures
  • Includes an extensive up-to-date bibliography in each chapter
  • Provides a glossary of common entomological and physiological terms


Entomologists, evolutionary biologists and geneticists

Table of Contents

  • Dedication

    Preface to the Third Edition


    Chapter 1. Signaling Systems

    Paracrine Signaling

    Endocrine Signaling

    Types of Hormone Release Sites in Insects

    Early Experiments that Set the Stage for Our Current Understanding

    Types of Hormones in Insects

    Prothoracicotropic Hormone


    The Juvenile Hormones

    Other Neuropeptides Found in Insects

    Terms for Understanding Signaling Systems


    Chapter 2. Integumentary Systems

    Insect Growth and Development

    Strategies for Growth

    Instars, Stadia, and Hidden Phases

    Structure of the Integument

    Modified Features of the Integument

    Chemistry of the Cuticle

    The Molting Process

    Imaginal Disc Development

    Metamorphosis, Cell Reorganization, and Cell Death

    Terms for Understanding Integumentary Systems


    Chapter 3. Developmental Systems

    Morphogens and Developmental Patterns

    Insect Eggs

    Embryonic Development

    Terms for Understanding Developmental Systems


    Chapter 4. Reproductive Systems

    Female Reproductive Systems

    Types of Ovarioles


    Endocrinology of Female Reproduction

    Ovulation, Fertilization and Oviposition

    Male Reproductive Systems


    Unconventional Methods of Insect Reproduction

    Mating Systems

    Terms for Understanding Reproductive Systems


    Chapter 5. Behavioral Systems

    Ways of Looking at Behavior

    Physiology of Learning and Memory

    Physiology of Behaviors Accompanying Metamorphosis

    Behavioral Modification by Parasites

    Terms for Understanding Behavioral Systems


    Chapter 6. Metabolic Systems

    The Insect Alimentary Tract

    Metabolic Processes in Insects

    Metabolism of Carbohydrates

    Metabolism of Proteins

    Metabolism of Lipids

    Diapause as a Metabolic Process

    Terms for Understanding Metabolic Systems


    Chapter 7. Circulatory Systems

    Structure of the Insect Circulatory System

    Immune Mechanisms in Insects

    The Circulatory System and Temperature Variations

    Terms for Understanding Circulatory Systems


    Chapter 8. Excretory Systems

    Major Excretory Products in Insects

    Excretory Organs

    Hormonal Control of Excretion and Osmoregulation

    Storage Excretion

    Other Functions of the Malpighian Tubules

    Terms for Understanding Excretory Systems


    Chapter 9. Respiratory Systems

    Supplying Cells with Oxygen

    The Tracheal System

    Modifications that Increase Oxygen Uptake

    Discontinuous Gas Exchange

    Aquatic Respiration

    Terms for Understanding Respiratory Systems


    Chapter 10. Locomotor Systems

    Basic Structure of Insect Muscles

    Actin, Myosin and Muscle Activation

    Types of Skeletal Muscles

    Neural Excitation and Modulation of Muscle Contraction

    Evolution of Insect Wings

    Basic Structure of the Insect Wing

    Muscles Involved in Wing Movements

    Wing Movements During Flight

    Wing Coupling and Control Mechanisms

    Flight Muscle Metabolism

    Terrestrial Locomotion

    Terms for Understanding Locomotor Systems


    Chapter 11. Nervous Systems

    The Nervous System as a Key to the Evolution of Arthropods

    Basic Components of the Insect Nervous System

    Maintenance of Electrical Potential and Nervous Transmission

    Structure of the Nervous System

    Sensing the Environment

    Terms for Understanding Nervous Systems


    Chapter 12. Communication Systems

    Visual Communication

    Acoustic Communication

    Tactile Communication

    Chemical Communication

    The Multicomponent Nature of Bee Communication

    Terms for Understanding Communication Systems




Product details

  • No. of pages: 696
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 2013
  • Published: May 15, 2013
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780124159709
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780124158191

About the Author

Marc Klowden

Marc Klowden is a Professor Emeritus of Entomology in the Department of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences at the University of Idaho. He has been with the university as a professor since 1988. He received his Ph.D. in Biological and Experimental Pathology from the University of Illinois Chicago. Dr. Klowden has authored all editions to-date of Physiological Systems in Insects, published by Elsevier, and has contributed to nearly 100 journal publications. His areas of expertise include entomology, insect physiology, mosquito behavior and reproduction. Dr. Klowden currently serves as the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Vector Ecology.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor Emeritus of Entomology, University of Idaho, Moscow ID, USA

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