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Photosynthesis - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780126754087, 9781483220376


1st Edition

The Biochemistry of Plants

Editors: M. D. Hatch N. K. Boardman
eBook ISBN: 9781483220376
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th June 1981
Page Count: 540
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The Biochemistry of Plants: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 8: Photosynthesis provides information pertinent to the biochemistry of photosynthesis. This book focuses on the photosynthesis of higher plants but some consideration is given to algal and bacterial photosynthesis.

Organized into 11 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the excitation of a light-harvesting pigment by an absorbed light quantum. This text then discusses the evidence to support the hypothesis that chlorophyll–protein complexes are represented at the supramolecular level by some of the intramembranous particles seen on chloroplast freeze-fracture faces. Other chapters consider the absorption of light energy by accessory pigments and transferred to chlorophyll in the blue-green, red, and brown algae. This book discusses as well that certain cyanobacteria respond to the color of the incident light by altering their biliprotein composition. The final chapter deals with dark reaction of photosynthesis.

This book is a valuable resource for plant biochemists, neurobiochemists, molecular biologists, senior graduate students, and research workers.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

General Preface

Preface to Volume 8

1 Thylakoid Membrane and Pigment Organization

I. Introduction

II. Thylakoid Lipids

III. Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes of Higher Plants and Green Algae

IV. Fractionation of Chloroplasts by Procedures That Do Not Involve SDS

V. Localization of Components within Thylakoid Membranes

VI. Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes in Organisms That Have Accessory Pigments Other Than Chlorophyll b

VII. Structure of Higher Plant and Green Algae Thylakoid Membranes Deduced from Electron Microscope Studies

VIII. Structure of Other Photosynthetic Organisms


2 Photosynthetic Accessory Proteins with Biiin Prosthetic Groups

I. Introduction

II. Classification of Cyanobacterial and Rhodophytan Biliproteins

III. Phycobilin Prosthetic Groups

IV. Subunit Structure of the Phycobiliproteins

V. Relationships among Biliproteins: Evolutionary Implications

VI. Aggregation Properties of Biliproteins

VII. Spectroscopic Properties of Biliproteins

VIII. Ultrastructure of Higher Assembly Form of Biliproteins

IX. Phycobilisomes

X. Cryptomonad Biliproteins


3 Primary Processes of Photosynthesis

I. Introduction

II. Basic Properties of Chlorophyll Molecules

III. The Photosystem I Reaction Center

IV. The Photosystem II Reaction Center

V. Energy Transfer in the Photosynthetic Apparatus


4 Photosynthetic Electron Transport and Photophosphorylation

I. Historical Background

II. From Water to Photosystem II

III. From Photosystem II to Photosystem I

IV. From Photosystem I to NADP

V. Photophosphorylation: General

VI. Mechanism of Photophosphorylation

VII. Partial Reactions of Photophosphorylation

VIII. Concluding Remarks


5 Photosynthetic Carbon Reduction Cycle

I. Definition

II. Formulation

III. Principal Aspects

IV. The Reactions of the PCR Cycle

V. Regulation


6 The C4 Pathway

I. Introduction: What Is a C4 Plant?

II. Whole Leaf Measurements of C4 Photosynthesis

III. Simplified Scheme of the C4 Cycle

IV. C4 Subgroups

V. Methodology and Approaches to the Study of C4

VI. In Vitro Studies in a C4 Subgroup Illustrated (NADP-ME)

VII. Regulation at the Cellular Level

VIII. Subcellular Organelles in C 4 : Structure and General Function

IX. Starch, Sucrose, and Nitrate Assimilation in C4

X. Significance of C4 Photosynthesis


7 Crassulacean Acid Metabolism

I. Introduction

II. Malic Acid Synthesis in the Dark

III. Metabolism during the Transition from Dark to Light

IV. Malic Acid Consumption in the Light

V. Photosynthetic Metabolism following Deacidification

VI. Circadian Rhythms and Regulation of CAM

VII. Concluding Summary


8 The C2 Chemo- and Photorespiratory Carbon Oxidation Cycle

I. Introduction

II. The Carboxylation or Oxygenation of Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate as the Primary Events in the C3 and C2 Cycles

III. Mapping the Remainder of the C2 Cycle

IV. Differences Between the C2 Carbon Oxidation Cycle of Respiration and "Dark Respiration"

V. The Function of the C2 Cycle

VI. Concentrating CO2 at the Site of Carboxylation: A Strategy for Suppressing Photorespiration

VII. The Evolution of Photorespiration

VIII. Unresolved Problems


9 Chlorophyll Biosynthesis

I. Introduction

II. The Biochemical Sequence

III. Control of Chlorophyll Biosynthesis


10 Development of Photosynthetic Function During Chloroplast Biogenesis

I. Introduction

II. Structural Aspects of Chloroplast Development

III. The Development of Photosynthetic Electron Transport and Photophosphorylation

IV. The Development of the Photosynthetic Carbon Pathway

V. The Development of the Chloroplast Envelope

VI. The Development of Photosynthetic Function During Illumination

VII. The Control of the Development of Photosynthetic Function


11 Light-Energy-Dependent Processes Other Than CO2 Assimilation

I. Introduction

II. Light-Coupled Reduction of Oxaloacetate and the C4 Dicarboxylic Acid Shuttle

III. Light-Coupled Reduction and Assimilation of Inorganic Nitrogen

IV. Light-Coupled Reduction and Assimilation of Inorganic Sulfur

V. Light-Coupled Reduction of Oxidized Glutathione and Associated Reductive Reactions

VI. Light-Coupled Activation of Chloroplast Enzymes

VII. Concluding Remarks



Contents of Other Volumes


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© Academic Press 1981
28th June 1981
Academic Press
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N. K. Boardman

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