Photosynthesis V1

Photosynthesis V1

Energy Conversion by Plants and Bacteria

1st Edition - December 28, 1982

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  • Editor: Unknown Govindjee
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323142380

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Photosynthesis, Volume 1: Energy Conversion by Plants and Bacteria tackles the conversion of light energy into the production of ATP and NADPH in both plants and bacteria. The various aspects of the energy conversion process in plants and bacteria are thoroughly discussed in this volume. The concepts and terms employed in the book are used integrally, except when a process is unique to one system. This book, which comprises of six parts, emphasizes both the biochemical and biophysical aspects of photosynthesis. It includes a review of the historical development of major concepts, an analysis of experimental data, and an exposition of subsequent findings. The first part of this book serves as the foundation of basic terms and concepts that will be used all throughout in this book. Part II deals with the structure and function, whereas Part III with the primary photochemistry. Part IV is about electron transport, while Part V focuses on photophosphorylation. The last part deals with the biosynthesis of pigments. This book will be a great reference for researchers. It will also be an introductory work for students in cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, and biophysics.

Table of Contents

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    Bessel Kok (1918-1979): A Tribute, by George Cheniae and Jack Myers

    I Introduction

    1 Introduction to Photosynthesis: Energy Conversion by Plants and Bacteria

    I. Introduction

    II . Basic Concepts from Earlier Work

    III . Concluding Remarks

    IV . Literature


    2 Current Attitudes in Photosynthesis Research

    I. Introduction

    II . Reaction Centers

    III . Electron Transfer Out of the Reaction Center

    IV . The Electron Transport Chain

    V. Energy Transduction

    VI . Structure and Organization of the Photosynthetic Apparatus

    VII . Phylogenetic and Metabolic Comparison in Photosynthesis

    VIII . Concluding Remarks


    II Structure and Function

    3 Photosynthetic Membrane Structure and Function

    I. Introduction

    II . Photosynthetic Bacteria

    III . Chloroplasts

    IV . Conclusions


    4 Orientation of Photosynthetic Pigments in Vivo

    I. Introduction

    II . Methodology

    III . Relative Orientation of Pigments within Isolated Photosynthetic Complexes

    IV . Orientation of Pigments with Respect to the Membrane Plane

    V. Local Order between Complexes in Photosynthetic Membranes

    VI . Conclusions


    5 Reaction Centers

    I. Introduction

    II . Photosynthetic Bacteria

    III . Green Plant Photosystems

    IV . Concluding Remarks

    V. Appendix


    III Primary Photochemistry

    6 Electronic Structure and Function of Chlorophylls and Their Pheophytins

    I. Introduction

    II . Chemical Structures

    III . Self-Consistent Field Calculations

    IV . Canonical Molecular Orbitals

    V. Configuration Interaction Calculations

    VI . Singlet States

    VII . Triplet States

    VIII . Cation Radical States


    7 Chlorophyll Singlet Excitons

    I. Introduction

    II . Exciton Effects in Steady State Optical Spectra

    III . Exciton States of Antenna Chlorophyll-Proteins

    IV . Exciton Migration from Antenna to Reaction Center

    V. Exciton Effects in Picosecond Optical Spectra

    VI . Exciton Effects within

    Reaction Center Complexes


    8 Primary Photochemical Reactions

    I. Introduction: General Considerations

    II . Photosynthetic Bacteria

    III . Green Plants


    IV Electron Transport

    9 Electron and Proton Transport

    I. Introduction

    II . Mechanism of Electron Transfer

    III . Properties of Quinones

    IV . Primary and Secondary Quinone Acceptors

    V. Cytochromes

    VI . The Electron Donors to P700 and P870

    VII . Vectorial Electron Transport

    VIII . Protolytic Reactions


    10 Oxygen Evolution in Photosynthesis

    I. Introduction

    I I . Substrate

    I I I . Energetics

    I V . Kinetics

    V. Chemistry


    11 Thermoluminiscence from Photosynthetic Apparatus

    I. Introduction

    II . Glow Curves

    III . Characteristics of Bands

    IV . Origin of Charges

    V. Temperature-Jump Luminescence


    V Photophosphorylation

    12 Mechanism of ATP Synthesis

    I. Chemiosmotic Coupling

    II . Structural Organization of Coupling Reactions and Components

    III . The Transmembrane Electrochemical Hydrogen Ion Gradient

    IV . Stoichiometries of Photosynthetic Energy Conversion


    13 The Development of Electrochemical Potential Gradient across Photosynthetic Membranes

    I. Introduction

    II . The Membrane

    III . Measurement of Membrane Potential

    IV . Electrogenic Reactions in Thylakoids and Chromatophores

    V. Protolytic Reactions in Thylakoids and Chromatophores

    VI . Concluding Remarks


    14 Proton Translocating ATPases of Photosynthetic Membranes

    I. Introduction

    II . Function of ATPase Complexes

    III . Structure of ATPase Complexes

    IV . ATPase Activity of Coupling Factors

    V. Nucleotide Binding and Conformational Changes

    VI . Postulated Mechanisms


    VI Biosynthesis of Pigments

    15 Biosynthesis of Pigments in Plants and Bacteria

    I. Introduction

    II . Detection, Putative Structure, and Distribution of Different Chlorophyll a and b in Green Plants

    III . Structure, Distribution, and Function of Bacterial Tetrapyrroles

    IV . Formation of the Chlorophyll a Pool in Green Plants

    V . Formation of the Chlorophyll b Pool in Green Plants

    VI . Regulation of the Chlorophyll Biosynthetic Pathway

    VII . Synthesis of Hemes and Bacteriochlorophyll in Photosynthetic Bacteria

    VIII . Regulation of Bacteriochlorophyll Synthesis

    IX . Synthesis of Phycobilins

    X . Formation of Prenyllipids (Including Carotenoids)



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  • No. of pages: 820
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1982
  • Published: December 28, 1982
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323142380

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