Photochemical Processes in Organized Molecular Systems

1st Edition

Editors: K. Honda
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444888785
eBook ISBN: 9780444598806
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 21st August 1991
Page Count: 552
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Table of Contents

Preface. Chapter I: Photoinduced Electron and Energy Transfer Processes. Ultrafast laser photolysis investigations on the photoinduced electron transfer and dynamics of transient ion pairs (N. Mataga). Dynamics of photoinduced electron transfer in solution (I.R. Gould, R.H. Young and S. Farid). Control of electron transfer rates by motions of atoms and molecules (J.R. Miller). Fluorescence probes based on adiabatic photochemical reactions (W. Rettig, R. Fritz and J. Springer). Multicomponent fluorescence decay analysis in intramolecular excimer formation with dipyrenylalkanes (K.A. Zachariasse et al). Excitation hopping between two identical chromophores attached to both ends of alkanes (T. Ikeda, B. Lee and S. Tazuke). Picosecond dynamics of dyes in heterogeneous environments (K. Yoshihara and K. Kemnitz). Chapter II: Photoredox Reactions in Solution Intramolecular, photochemical electron and energy transfer (T.J. Meyer). Intramolecular electron transfer and energy transfer in bimetalated compounds (T. Ohno, K. Nozaki and M.-A. Haga). Solvent effect on electron-transfer quenching of *Ru(bpy)32+ (H.-B. Kim, N. Kitamura and S. Tazuke). Photosensitized reactions by [Re(bpy)(CO)3X] (C. Pac et al). Magnetic field effects on photoinduced electron transfer and the succeeding processes in organized molecular assemblies (T. Matsuo et al). Highly specific isomerization of aromatic olefin radical cations produced by photosensitized electron transfer (K. Tokumaru et al). Photoinduced single electron transfer fragmentation and cyclization reactions. Medium and interfacial effects (D.G. Whitten et al). Chapter III: Photochemistry in Organized Molecular Systems. Luminescence spectrosocpy and polymer chemistry (F.C. De Schryver). Fluorescence studies of hydrophobic polymers in water: phase transitions in aqueous poly-(N-Isopropylacrylamide) solutions (F.M. Winnik). Polymer diffusion in la


Photochemical processes form the basis of life. Energy transfer through photons also underlies a wide range of phenomena ranging from the motion of atoms and molecules to the assembly of systems of molecules, such as polymers, Langmuir-Blodgett films and even liquid crystals.

Photochemical Processes in Organized Molecular Systems provides an overview of recent photochemical investigations of systems of molecules. The book is divided into four parts: the first two deal with current progress on the understanding of photoinduced chemical processes, the third and fourth chapter deal with the photochemistry of organized molecular systems including polymers, micelles and liquid crystals.

This book should be studied by all who want to know more about this promising field of photochemical research, and about the fascinating processes that light can bring about.


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K. Honda Editor

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Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics, Tokyo, Japan