1st Edition

An Essential Text for the Allied Health Professions


  • Delva Shamley
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702037764

    Key Features

    • Physiology material presented is particularly relevant to physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals.
    • Content thoroughly addresses the requirements of occupational therapy and physical therapy clinicians
    • Key points and summaries make the information accessible and easy to follow.
    • Current evidence is presented on the biological basis of disease, and biological processes are linked to clinical manifestations and therapeutic management.
    • Easy-to-follow flow charts summarize disease processes.
    • Lists of journal articles and texts direct the reader to sources for more in-depth information.
    • Radiographs, scans, and photographs illustrate disease processes.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1: An Introduction to Disease Processes
    Chapter 1: Inflammation, Wounds and Wound Healing
    Chapter 2: The Immune System
    Chapter 3
    Part 1: Malignant Neoplasms
    Part 2: Radiation Injury to Normal Tissues
    Chapter 4: Endocrinology

    Section 2: Altered Mobility and Immobility
    Chapter 5: Muscle and Connective Tissue – Key Concepts for Rehabilitation
    Chapter 6: Muscle Disorders
    Chapter 7: Bone and Joint Disorders
    Chapter 8: Movement and Immobility
    Chapter 9: Altered Exercise Tolerance
    Part 1: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
    Part 2: Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    Section 3: Pregnancy
    Chapter 10: Physiology of Pregnancy

    Section 4: Disorders of the Systems
    Chapter 11: The Nervous System
    Part 1: The Pathophysiology of Pain
    Part 2: The Central Nervous System
    Part 3: The Peripheral Nervous System
    Part 4: Nervous System Reorganization Following Injury
    Chapter 12: The Circulatory System
    Part 1: Cardiovascular Disorders
    Part 2: Blood and Haemodynamic Disorders
    Chapter 13: The Respiratory System
    Chapter 14: The Urinary System
    Part 1: The Renal System
    Part 2: The Overactive Bladder

    Section 5: Pharmacology
    Chapter 15: Normal Drug Action
    Chapter 16: Substance Abuse
    Part 1: Drug Toxicity and Overdose
    Part 2: Drug Abuse and Dependence


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