This volume contains the papers presented at the Parallel Computing Fluid Dynamics '93 Conference, Paris, 1993. A wide range of topics are covered including: networked computers, data parallel programming, domain decomposition, Euler and Navier-Stokes solvers.

Researchers in this area will find this volume a useful reference in this rapidly developing field.

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A selection of papers: 1. Invited Speakers. Parallel CFD Applications: Experiences on scalable distributed multicomputers (P. Schiano, A. Matrone). The investigation of 3D viscous gas flow over complex geometries using multiprocessor transputer systems (S.V. Peigin, S.V. Timchenko). Massively parallel finite element computation of 3D flows - mesh update strategies in computation of moving boundaries and interfaces (T. Tayfun Tezduyar et al.). Adaptive domain decomposition and parallel CFD (D. McCarthy, W.R. Jones). A review of the exploitation of parallel processing in environmental modelling (M. Ashworth). On the numerical wind tunnel (NWT) program (T. Iwamiya et al.). Parallel solution methods for the Navier-Stokes equations (R. Rannacher). 2. Networked Computers. On parallel simulation of reactive flows on an IBM RS/60000 workstation-cluster (F.K. Hebeker). 3. Comparison of Systems. Computation of aerodynamic flows using improved parallelization procedures (D. Drikakis, F. Durst). 4. Applications on Transputers. Parallel computations of turbulent transonic flows on a MEIKO computing surface (D. Golby, M.A. Leschziner). 5. Data Parallel Programming Model. Comparison of direct particle simulation on the MasPar MP-2 and the Connection Machine CM-2 (L. Dagum, J.D. McDonald). 6. Tools and Mapping Strategies I. Adaptive time-dependent CFD on distributed unstructured meshes (Ch. Walshaw, M. Berzins ). 7. Tools and Mapping Strategies II. SPAFS - software for parallelizing flow solvers (S. Narayanan). 8. Tools and Mapping Strategies III. A parallel block-structured Euler/Navier-Stokes code with adaptive refinement and run-time load balancing on the iPSC-860 hypercube (K. Lust et al.). 9. Industry Experience I. Implementation of an industrial CFD code on a massively parallel com


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