This volume is a collection of surveys of research problems in topology and its applications. The topics covered include general topology, set-theoretic topology, continuum theory, topological algebra, dynamical systems, computational topology and functional analysis.

Key Features

* New surveys of research problems in topology * New perspectives on classic problems * Representative surveys of research groups from all around the world


Researchers and mathematicians

Table of Contents

Part 1. General Topology
1. Selected ordered space problems (H. Bennett and D. Lutzer) 2. Problems on star-covering properties (M. Bonanzinga and M. Matveev) 3. Function space topologies (D.N. Georgiou, S.D. Iliadis and F. Mynard) 4. Spaces and mappings: special networks (C. Liu and Y. Tanaka) 5. Extension problems of real-valued continuous functions (H. Ohta and K. Yamazaki) 6. LE(k)-spaces (O. Okunev) 7. Problems on (ir) resolvability (O. Pavlov) 8. Topological games and Ramsey theory (M. Scheepers) 9. Selection principles and special sets of reals (B. Tsaban)
Part 2. Set-theoretic Topology
10. Introduction: Twenty problems in set-theoretic topology (M. Hrusák and J.T. Moore) 11. Thin-tall spaces and cardinal sequences (J. Bagaria) 12. Sequential order (A. Dow) 13. On D-spaces (T. Eisworth) 14. The fourth head of BN (I. Farah) 15. Are stratifiable spaces M1? (G. Gruenhage) 16. Perfect compacta and basis problems in topology (G. Gruenhage and J.T. Moore) 17. Selection problems for hyperspaces (V. Gutev and T. Nogura) 18. Efimov's problem (K.P. Hart) 19. Completely separable MAD families (M. Hrusák and P. Simon) 20. Good, splendid and Jakovlev (I. Juhász and W.A.R. Weiss) 21. Homogeneous compacta (J. van Mill) 22. Compact spaces with hereditarily normal squares (J.T. Moore) 23. The metrization problem for Fréchet groups (J.T. Moore and S. Todorcevic) 24. Cech-Stone remainders of discrete spaces (P.J. Nyikos) 25. First countable, countably compact, noncompact spaces (P.J. Nyikos) 26. Linearly Lindelöf problems (E. Pearl) 27. Small Dowker spaces (P.J. Szept


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