This volume and its companion Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research: Biology and Management represent the most comprehensive publications of their type on nonhuman primates. This volume addresses the diseases of nonhuman primates with an emphasis on the etiological factors, clinical signs, diagnostic pathology, therapy, and management. Its companion volume serves as a general reference for those who provide care for these animals and for those who use them in biomedical research.


Veterinary scientists, pharmaceutical scientists, microbiologists, oncologists, cell biologists, pathologists, geneticists, biomedical researchers, medical college bookstores, and veterinary and medical school instructors and students.

Table of Contents

K. Mansfield and N. King, Viral Diseases. S.V. Gibson, Bacterial/Mycotic Diseases. J.D. Toff, II and M.L. Eberhard, Parasitic Diseases. R.E. Weller, Neoplasia/Proliferative Diseases. A.S. Line, Environmental Hazards. M. April and J.C. Keith, Cardiovascular and Lymphoreticular Systems. K.G. Osborn and L.J. Lowenstine, Respiratory Diseases. E.W. Ford, J.A. Roberts, and J.L. Southers, Urogenital System. J. Belitski, Integumentary System. A.G. Brady and D.G. Morton, Digestive System. K.P.H. Pritzker and M.J. Kessler, Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System. P.K. Cusick and S.J. Morgan, Nervous System. K. Bayne and M. Novak, Behavioral Disorders. Subject Index.


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@qu:"With its companion volume Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research-Biology and Management, the editors have produced a definitive clinical reference set that will serve the biomedical research community for many years... The writing is clear throughout and the editors have carefully integrated and cross-referenced the multi-authored text. The numerous illustrations are particularly impressive." @source:--David Lee-Parritz for CONTEMPORARY TOPICS (May 1999) @qu:"The first five chapters are etiology focused, covering viral, bacterial and mycotic, and parasitic diseases, as well as neoplastic disorders and environmental hazards. The last eight chapters are systems oriented, covering the diseases/disorders pertinent to a specific system, such as the nervous or digestive system. This combination of approaches provides the information in a very usable format and makes this an excellent reference text. This is a welcome general reference on nonhuman primate diseases and is the definitive source available today. All professionals and animal caregivers who work with nonhuman primates should have ready access to this text." @source:--DOODY'S PUBLISHING REVIEWS