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Noise in Physical Systems and 1/f Noise - 1985 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444869920, 9780444600196

Noise in Physical Systems and 1/f Noise - 1985

1st Edition

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Editors: A. d'Amico P. Mazzetti
eBook ISBN: 9780444600196
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1986
Page Count: 544
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These proceedings contain 11 invited papers and approximately 80 contributed papers presented at this international conference. The topics covered include:

  • noise theory and mechanisms, including parametric excitation in physical systems, computer simulation of Barkhausen jump field distribution and chaotic oscillations in Josephson junctions;
  • devices, including thermal noise in a high inductance SQUID, high frequency noise in Schottky barriers diodes and mode fluctuations in semiconductor laser;
  • biological systems including resistivity fluctuations in ionic solutions;
  • quantum noise, including properties of low temperature quantum noise and macroscopic quantum tunneling.

Table of Contents


List of Committees

Part I - Noise in Physical Systems

Invited Papers

Quantum 1/f Noise in Semiconductors Involving Ionized Impurity Scattering and Various Types of Electron-Phonon Scattering

Theory of and Experiments on Quantum 1/f Noise

Low Frequency Noise Mechanisms in Field Effect Transistors

Comparison of 1/f Noise Theories and Experiments

Membrane Noise and Excitability

Squeezed Noise in Precision Force Measurements

Noise in SQUIDs

Noise Measurements on Thick Film Resistors

Review of Noise in Photodiodes and Prospective Aspects

On the Metrological Aspects of Johnson Noise, Noise Thermometry and Precision Determination of Boltzmann's Constant

Chaos in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits

Theory (General)

On the Second Moments of the Probability Densities of Level-Crossing Time-Intervals

Parametric Excitation in Physical Systems: The Connection Matrices Method

New Contributions to Neutron Stochastic Transport Theory in the Time and in the Frequency Domain

Numerical Modeling of the Noise of One Dimensional Devices

Eigenfunctions and Energy for Time-Rescaled Gaussian Processes

Some Experimental Results on First Passage Time Problem for Gaussian Process

Computer Simulation of Barkhausen Jump Field Distribution

Bistability Driven by Colored Noise: Theory and Experiment

Branch Selectivity at a Pitchfork Bifurcation in the Presence of Noise

Chaotic Oscillations in Josephson Junctions

Response of a Cubic Bistable System to Parametric Modulation in the Extreme Colour Limits of External Noise

Stochastic Postponement of Critical Onsets in a Bistable System

Correlation Times in the Cubic Bistable System

A Model for the Electrical Conduction and 1/f-Noise in Cermet Thick Film Resistor-Systems


Gate Dependent Random Telegraph Noise in Silicon MOSFETs

Thermal Noise in a High Inductance SQUID

Mode Fluctuations in Semiconductor Laser

Monte Carlo Calculations of the Diffusion Coefficient and the Drift Velocity of Electrons in an AlGaAs-GaAs Quantum Well Device

High-Frequency Channel Noise of Modulation-Doped AlGaAs-GaAs FETs

Hot Electron Diffusion Noise Associated with Intervalley Scattering in Short GaAs Devices

Current Noise in n-channel Si-MOSFET's at 4.2 K

Noise and Impact Ionization Rates for Electrons and Holes in Hg0.3Cd0.7Te Avalanche Photodiodes

Preparation and Noise Characterization of GaAl(As)Sb Diffused P+N diodes

High Frequency Noise in Schottky Barrier Diodes

Current Noise in GaAIAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

Noise Phenomena in Submicron Channel Length Silicon NMOS Transistors

Noise in Short n+-n-n+ GaAs Diodes

Biological Systems

Single Channel Currents in Retinal Cells

Resistivity Fluctuations in Ionic Solutions

Measurement and Applications of Noise Generated by a Metal-Electrolyte Interface

Various Physical Systems

Noise at Semiconductor Grain Boundaries: A Quantitative Model

Diffusion Noise of Hot Electrons in GaAs at 300 K

Generation Recombination Noise in p-Si at 77 K

Electron-Electron Interaction Effect on the Spectral Density of Current Fluctuations of Hot Electrons in Si

Space-Charge-Limited Voltage Noise in the Presence of Traps in SiC

Noise in Sodium β″ Alumina Single Crystals

Noise in Silver β″ Alumina Ceramics

Stochastic Behaviour of Individual Barkhausen Discontinuities in Iron Whiskers

Barkhausen Noise: A Link Between the Macroscopic Dynamics of the Magnetization Process and the Macroscopic Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials

Surface Barkhausen Noise Measurements by Means of Optical Techniques

Noise in the Quasi-Onedimensional Conducting (TCNQ)2 Salts: MEM (TCNQ)2, MEtM (TCNQ)2 and MBM (TCNQ)2

Stochastic Stress-Strain Relaxation Processes in the Vortex Lattice of a Type-II Superconductor

Ageing Effects and Excess Noise in Ion Beam Irradiated Polymer Films

Quantum Noise

Properties of Low Temperature Quantum Noise

Macroscopic Quantum Coherence

Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling

Thermal and Quantum Noise in Overdamped Josephson Junctions

White Noise and 1/f Noise in Optical Oscillators: State-of-the-Art in Ringlasers

Noise in Non-Linear Amplifiers: Quantum Limit in a Squeezed Operating State

Applications and Measurement Techniques

Measurement of Temperature Fluctuation Spectra in Current-Carrying Microbridges

Accurate Measurements of Optimum Noise Parameters of Microwave Transistors

Measurement of Electronic Devices Noise with Elimination of Self-Noise of Measuring System

A New Method for Potentiometer Clicks Evaluation


Temperature Dependence of 1/f Noise in Quartz Resonators in Relation with Acoustic Attenuation

Flicker Noise in Thick-Film (CERMET) Resistors: The Effect of the Firing Temperature

Thermal Noise and Zero-Point-Energy

1/f and l/Af Noise in Carbon-Loaded Polyurethane

Contact-Free Detection of Current Noise

Deterministic Noise in Extrinsic Photoconductors

Stabilization by External White Noise

Part 2 - 1/F Noise


Is 1/f Noise Fundamental to the Generation-Recombination Process?

1/f-Noise Generator

Autoregressive Model for 1/f Noise

Properties of 1/f-Noise in Hopping Models

Is 1/f Noise a Doubly Stochastic Process?

Flicker Noise in a Continuous Time Random Walk Model

Analysis of 1/f Noise Power Fluctuations Based on Structure Functions


1/f Noise in the Light Output of Laser Diodes

Correlation Between 1/f Fluctuations in Laser Diodes

On 1/f Mobility Fluctuations in Bipolar Transistors (I): Theory

On 1/f Mobility Fluctuations in Bipolar Transistors (II): Experiment

Location of 1/f Noise Sources in Bipolar Transistors

1/f Noise Modifications in Electrically Degraded Short-Channel MOSFETs

Flicker Noise Due to Minority Carrier Trapping in the Bulk of Bipolar Transistors

Various Physical Systems

Dependence of the 1/f Noise Parameter al on Volume and Temperature

The Effects of 500 keV Electron Irradiation and Subsequent Annealing on 1/f Noise in Copper Films

Shot and Flicker Noise of p-n Junction in the Generation-Recombination, Diffusion and High-Injection Regions

1/f? Noise Generators

Sources of 1/f Noise in RuO2-Based Thick Resistive Films

Lattice Vibrations in Silicon by 1/f Noise Spectroscopy

Phononic Structures in the 1/f Noise Parameter of the Gold Films

1/f Noise in the Micro-Hertz Range

1/f Noise Generator

Low Frequency Noise in a System Composed of Two Electrodes with a Butane Flame Between Them

1/f Noise in MOS Inversion Layers

1/f Noise in Ferrites

Temperature Dependence of 1/f Noise in Thin NiCr Films

Quantum Noise

Coherent States Quantum 1/f Noise and the Quantum 1/f Effect

1/f Noise in Alpha-Particle Radioactive Decay of 94Pu239, 95AM241 and 96Cm244

Quantum 1/f Noise in Solid State Scattering, Recombination, Trapping and Injection Processes

Gravidynamic Quantum 1/f Noise

1/f Noise in n+-p Junctions Calculated with Quantum 1/f Theory

Test for the Presence of Injection-Extraction and of Umklapp Quantum 1/f Noise in the Collector of Silicon Transistors

Quantum 1/f Noise in SQUIDS

Experiments on High-Frequency and 1/f Noise in Long n+-p Hg1-xCdxTe Diodes

Applications and Measurements Techniques

Optimization of Split-Drain MAGFET Geometries with Respect to 1/f Noise

Time Measurement by Noise: Reduction of Flicker-Floor

Data Acquisition System for Noise Characterization in the Very Low Frequency Range

Measurement of the Electron Pair Transfer Frequency in a Superconducting Weak Link Device

The Method and System for Semiconductor Noise Evaluation

List of Participants

Author Index

Subject Index


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© North Holland 1986
1st January 1986
North Holland
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