Volume 29 gives an account of new techniques for the study of electrodes and their reactions. It extends and complements Volumes 26 and 27 of the series which provide an introductory treatment of modern electrochemical methodology and reactions. This volume covers the various branches of spectroelectrochemistry and also some recent purely electrochemical advances. In-situ spectroelectrochemical techniques are covered by chapters on infrared, Raman, EPR, ellipsometry, electroreflectance, and photocurrent spectroscopy. Ex-situ UHV experiments are treated in a separate chapter. New electrochemical directions are described in chapters on hydrodynamic methods, channel electrodes, and microelectrodes. A final chapter covers computing strategies for the on-line accumulation and processing of electrochemical data.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. In-situ infrared studies of the electrode-electrolyte interface (P.A. Christensen, A. Hamnett). 2. Raman spectroscopic studies of species in situ at electrode surfaces (R.E. Hester). 3. The use of ex-situ UHV techniques to study electrode surfaces (R. Parsons). 4. New hydrodynamic methods (W.J. Albery, C.C. Jones, A.R. Mount). 5. Microelectrodes (J. Robinson). 6. The use of channel electrodes in the investigation of interfacial reaction mechanisms (P.R. Unwin, R.G. Compton). 7. In-situ electrochemical ESR (A.M. Waller, R.G. Compton). 8. Photocurrent spectroscopy (L.M. Peter). 9. Electroreflectance at semiconductors (A. Hamnett, R.L. Lane, P.R. Trevellick, S. Dennison). 10. Ellipsometry (R. Greef). 11. A computing strategy for the on-line accumulation and processing of electrochemical data (J.A. Harrison). Index.


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