New Frontiers in Rare Earth Science and Applications

New Frontiers in Rare Earth Science and Applications

Proceedings of the International Conference on Rare Earth Development and Applications Beijing, The People's Republic of China, September 10–14, 1985

1st Edition - January 1, 1985

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  • Editors: Xu Guangxian, Xiao Jimei
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483259635

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New Frontiers in Rare Earth Science and Applications, Volume II documents the proceedings of the International Conference on Rare Earth Development and Applications held in Beijing on September 10-14, 1985. This compilation discusses quenching and sensitization of rare earth luminescence, magnetic properties of rare earth intermetallics, and microcapsulated rare earth-nickel hydride-forming materials. The effect of rare earth on the quality and properties of hot-rolled steel strips and role of yttrium in heavy section spheroidal graphite cast iron are also elaborated. This book likewise covers the application of scandium oxide in an electron emission material and study on the effect of rare earth elements on the yield of wheat. This publication is beneficial to researchers and scientists conducting work in the field of earth science.

Table of Contents

  • Luminescence and Phosphors

    Rare Earth Lasers (Invited Paper)

    The Structure and Excitation of Rare-Earth Luminescence Centers in ZnS (Invited Paper)

    Quenching and Sensitization of Rare Earth Luminescence (Invited Paper)

    Energy Transfer from Transition Metal to Rare Earth Ions in Oxide Lattices (Invited Paper)

    Rare Earth Sesquisulfides: Potential Solar Energy Conversion Materials

    Energy Transfer from the Higher Excited States of Mn to Sm in ZnS:Mn, Sm

    The Energy Level and Optical Properties of Trivalent Lanthanide

    Luminescence of MFX: Eu2+(M=Ca, Sr, Ba, X=Cl, Br, I)

    The Similar Centers of ZnS: (Sm, Li)

    Luminescence Centers in ZnS:Nd, Na

    Excitation of the Luminescence of Trivalent Lanthanides in Sulfides Through Charge Transfer or f→d Transitions

    X-Ray Induced Thermally Stimulated Luminescence of NaYF4 Phosphors Doped with Rare Earths

    Luminescence of Rare Earth Doped BaMgF4 Under UV and X-Rays

    Gamma Ray Induced Thermoluminescence of BaFCl Crystals Doped with Rare Earth Ions

    Excitation Spectra and Forward Injection Electroluminescence of Er3+ Ions in ZnS

    Preparation and Luminescence Properties of CaS: Sm Phosphors

    Energy Transfer from Tb3+ to Ce3+ in CaS: Ce, Tb

    The Fluorescent Properties of Tb3+ and Cross Relaxation Between Dy3+ and Tb3+ in Dyx Tby Y1-x-y P5O14 Crystals

    The Luminescence of Ce3+ in Some Sulphur Compounds

    Parametrization of 4f-4f Transition Probabilities of Na5Eu(MO4)4 (M = Mo, W) Hosts

    Application of the "Three Parameters" Theory to the Crystal Field Calculation of Scheelite Related Rare Earth Molybdates and Tungstates

    Direct Observation of a Crossing of Crystal Field Levels

    Spectra Intensity Parameter of DyP5O14 Single Crystals

    Synthesis, Composition, Structure and Luminescence Properties of M2RSbO6:Eu3+(M=Ba, Sr, Ca; R=LA, Gd, Y, Bi) Complex Oxide

    Investigation of Fluorescence Properties of Europium 2-Naphthoyltrifluoroacetinate and 2-Furanoyltrifluo roacetinate Chelate

    Investigation of Er3+⇌Tm3+ Energy Transfers in LaOBr:Er, Tm

    Infrared Transitions in LaOBr: Er3+, Tm3+ Phosphors

    Optimization of Color Rendering Properties of Ruorescent Lamps and Their Spectral Power Distribution

    A New Way to Improve the Luminous Efficiency of Fluorescent Lamps

    On the Luminscence of Perovskite Type Rare Earth Gallates

    Luminescence Behavior of Terbium Chelates

    Luminescence Life Time, A Tool for Study of Complex Formation

    Electron Microscopy of Cathodoluminescent Rare Earth Ions in Thin Films

    Magnetism and Intermetallics

    A Review of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets,Applications and Prospects (Invited Paper)

    Magnetic Properties of Rare Earth Intermetallics (Invited Paper)

    Neodymium-Iron-Boron Permanent Magnets by Rapid Solidification

    Ce-Didymium-Fe-B Sintered Permanent Magnets (Invited Paper)

    Magnetic Moments and Coercivities of(Fe1-xNdx)94 B6 Metallic Glasses

    The Magnetic Moment of Heavy Rare Earth Metals

    Magnetic Properties of Some Pseudobinary Gd2Co7-Based Compounds

    LPE Growth of Narrow Linewidth Single Crystal Films of La3+ -Doped Yig

    The Effect of Iron Substitution on the Magnetic Properties of Y2Fe14 B-Based Compounds

    A New Type of High Performance Cobalt Free Permanent Magnets

    Some Consideration Concerning the Magnetism of R2Fe14B Compounds

    Magnetic Properties of R2 Fe14 B Measured on Single Crystals

    Magnetic Properties of R2 Fe14 B Single Crystals

    Magnetic Anisotropy of Neodymium-Iron-Boron Alloys

    Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy of R15 B7Fe78

    Lanthanide-Iron Magnets

    Resonance Studies on Some Rare Earth Compounds

    Magnetism and Electronic Structure

    Magnetic Properties of R2Co17-xMx Pseudo-Binary Compounds (R=Sm, Er)

    A Study of New Substituted Nd-B-Fe Magnets

    Magnetic Characteristics of (R,R')2 Fe14 B Systems (R=Nd, R'=Er, Dy)

    Mờssbauer Studies of Nd-Fe-B Alloys

    A Pulse-Alignment, Heat-Treatable Die Process for Making Co5 Sm Magnets

    The Magnetostriction' of Amorphous Alloys TbFe2 ,SmCo5 and Sm2 Co 17

    The Development and Design of the REPM Pilot Exciter for a Huge Turbogenerator

    Flux Distribution of Radially Oriented Multi-Pole Magnet Ring for High Precision Mint Motors

    Rare Earth-Cobalt Permanent Magnet Force Motor

    Performance Analysis of Samarium Cobalt P.M. Synchronous Motor Fed from PWM Inverters

    The Development and Design of the Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnet D.C. Motor

    The Development of the Magnetic Overshot

    A Study of Coercivity Dropping at 750°C in SmCo5 Magnets

    Hydrogen Storage Materials

    Studies of Magnesium Rich Rare-Earth Alloys on Hydrogen Absorption in Vacuum

    Storage and Compression of Hydrogen Using Lanthanum Alloys

    Microcapsulated Rare Earth-Nickel Hydride-Forming Materials

    Chemical Synthesis and Hydrogen Storage Characteristics of Mischmetal-Nickel Compounds

    A New Intermediate Hydride in LaNi5 -H2 System

    An X-Ray Diffraction Study of Phase Transition of Lattice Gas in LaNi5 Hn

    Effects of Hydrogen Absorption on Electric Resistivities of LaNi5 , SmCo5 and LaCo5 Films

    LaNi5 Hydrogen Storage Device and Its Efficiency of Purification

    A Study of the Dehydriding Kinetics of Rare Earth Magnesium Alloys

    Investigation of Separation and Purification of Hydrogen by Using La-Rich MMNi5 Hydride

    Molten Salt Electrowinning of Rare-Earth and Yttrium Metals and Alloys (Invited Paper)

    The Development of Pyrometallurgical Processing of Rare Earths and Its Problems (Invited Paper)

    Some Progress in Study on Preparation of Rare Earth Metals and their Alloys by Fused Salt Electrolysis in China (Invited Paper)

    Survey Research on Rare Earth Alloys and Compounds

    Recent Developments in USA Rare Earth Technology

    The Effects of Rare Earths on the Oxidation Kinetics of Copper

    Physicochemical Studies on Electrowining of Mischmetal-Aluminium Alloys with RECL3-KCI·NaCI Molten Salt at Lower Temperature

    Studies on Surface Tension,Density and Viscosity of LnCI-KCI·NaCI Melts

    A Study of Ageing Effect on an Al-Mg-Si Alloy Containing Rare Earth Metals

    The Critical Cooling Velocity of Rare-Earth Modified Al-Si Eutectic Alloy and the Combined Effect of Magnesium and Rare Earth on the Modification

    A Study of Some Thermodynamic Properties of Rare Earth Elements in Liquid Nickel and Aluminum

    The Technology and Installation of High Temperature Chlorination of Baotou High-Grade Rare Earth Concentrate for the Production of Anhydrous Rare Earth Chlorides

    An Investigation on Melting Point and Electrical Conductivity of Fluoride-Lanthana Melt

    The Solubility of Some Rare Earth Oxides in Cryolite-Alumina Based Melts

    Preparation of RE-Mg-Si Alloys by Silico Thermoreduction of Dolomite

    Rare Earth Ferrosilicon Alloy

    Applications in Steel

    The High Temperature Thermodynamics of the La-O-F and Ce-O-F Systems

    The High Temperature Thermodynamics of the La-O-S Systems

    Effect of Rare Earth on the Quality and Properties of Hot-Rolled Steel Strips

    A Study of RE-Si-Fe and CaSi Powder Injection

    Characteristics and Behavior of Rare Earth Inclusions in Steel in the Ladle

    Accumulation of Inclusions and Segregation in RE Treated Steel

    Rare Earths in Iron and Steel Making and Gaseous Desulphurisation

    Interaction Between Yttrium and Oxygen, Sulphur, Carbon in Liquid Iron

    [Ce]-[O]-[S] Precipitation Diagram in Liquid Iron and its Application

    Activity of RE2O3 in Liquid La2O3-Al2O3-CaF2 and Ce2O3-CaO-CaF2 Slags

    The Influence of Cerium on the Equilibrium Grain Boundary Segregation of Antimony and the Grain Boundary Migration in Pure Iron

    Effect of La on the Isothermal Embrittlement of P-Doped Ni-Cr Steel

    The Role of Rare Earths in Low Sulfur 16Mn Steels

    Effect of REM on Formability and Toughness of Tool Steel

    Influence of RE on Fatigue Life of Steel

    Influence of Rare Earth Oxides on the Oxidation Behaviour of Aluminide Coating on Mild Steel

    Effects of Rare Earth Elements on Solidification of Steels

    Effect of Rare Earths on the Aging Resistance of S20A Steel

    The Effect of the Rare Earth Elements on a Steel Used in Sour Gas Well

    Effect of Rare Earths on Crack-Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld Metal

    The Mechanism of Improvement in the Creep-Rupture Properties of Crl8Ni18Si2 Austenitic Steel by Rare Earth Addition

    A Study on Application of Rare Earth Metals in Heat Resistant Steels

    The Effect of Rare Earths on the Overheating Susceptibility of the "Clean Steel" with Low S

    Applications in Cast Alloys

    BCIRA Work on the Effect of Cerium in Cast Irons (Invited Paper)

    Influence of Rare Earth Addition to Aluminium-Silicon Alloys and Aluminium Bronzes (Invited Paper)

    Behavior of the Ceriuln and Its Alloys for Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

    Production of CV Cast Iron Using High Sulphur Contained Cupola Molten Iron

    A Study on the Role of Rare Earth in Spheroidal and Vermicular Graphite Cast Irons

    Content and Micfodistribution of Cerium in Various Phases of Cast Iron

    Role of Yttrium in Heavy Section Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

    Some Rare Earth Containing Inoculants for Gray Cast Iron

    The Feature of RCA Inoculant and its Application to Produce Thin Walled As-Cast Ferritic Nodular Iron Castings

    The Modification Effect by Microaddition of Misch Metal in a Eutectic Al-Si Piston Alloy

    Application of Cerium in a Cast Titanium Alloy

    An Investigation on Creep Properties at 300°C of Mg-Y-Zn-Zr Cast Alloys

    Effect of Misch Metal on Solidified Structure and Brightness of Al-Mg Alloy

    The Vermiculizing Effects of IndiVidual Rare Earth Elements La, Ce, Pr and Nd on Graphite in Cast Iron

    A Study on Producing Heavy Section Vermicular Graphite Iron (VGI) Castings with Rare-Earths

    Mass Production of Compacted/Vermicular Graphite (C/V) Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold by Using Rare Earth(RE) Containing Alloy

    The Metallurgical Behaviour of Rare-Earth Containing Nodullzer in Molten Iron

    An Investigation on Producing Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron by the Method of Injecting Rare Earth Free-Silicon Alloy Particles

    Application of Rare Earths in Cast Alloys in China (Invited Paper)

    An Investigation on the Reduction of Crack in CrMoV Steel Castings by Adding RE Metals

    The Effect of Rare Earths on Nucleation in Cast Iron

    Applications in Glassess and Ceramics

    A Study on Crystallization Property of Optical Glasses in RO-ZrO2-La2O3-SiO2-B2O3 System

    Application of Rare Earths in Glasses for Lasers and Luminescent Solar Concentrators

    Rare Earth Sulfide and Oxysulfide Glasses

    Study of Rare Earth as Suspending Agent in Enamel Slip

    Application of Lanthanum in Fiber Optical Glass with High Refraction and Extended Ultra-Violet Transmission

    Application of Scandium Oxide in an Electron Emission Material

    The Coloring Effect of Praseodymium Carbonate Combined with Transition Metal Ions in Na2O-CaO-SiO2 Glass System

    Formation and Structure of Lanthanum..containing Fluorozirconate Glasses

    Spectral Absorption of Rare Earth Ions in Silica Glasses

    Structural Analytical Investigation of Violet Chameleonic Glaze Containing Neodymia

    The Application of Rare Earth Compound in the Decoloring and Coloring of Glass

    Miscellaneous Applications

    Studies on the Application of Rare Earth Elements to Fruit Trees and Watermelon Plants

    Study on the Effect of Rare Earth Elements on the Yield of Wheat

    Study on the Application of Rare Earths to Rubber Trees

    Soluble Rare Earth Elements in Soils

    The Effect of Rare Earth Elements on Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation of Soybean Plants

    The Results of Applying Rare Earth Elements to Rice and Other Crops

    Present and Future Situation of Rare Earth Research in Chinese Agronomy

    Effects of Rare Earth Elements on Photosynthesis and Photofixation of Nitrogen in Anabaena Azotica

    The Investigation of Mutagenicity and Teratogenicity from Rare Earth Compounds

    Synthesis and Applications of Diaryl (alkyl) Phosphineoxides of Some Lanthanons

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  • No. of pages: 833
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1985
  • Published: January 1, 1985
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483259635

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