These volumes comprise the proceedings of the major international meeting on catalysis which is held at 4 year intervals. The programme focussed on New Frontiers in Catalysis including nontraditional catalytic materials and environmental catalysis. The contributions cover a wide range of fundamental, applied, industrial and engineering aspects of catalysis. The extensive range of highly efficient industrial techniques for observing and characterizing catalytically important surfaces is evident.

The programme covered the following sessions: Mechanism, theory, in situ methods; Catalytic reaction on atomically clean surfaces; Catalytic reaction on zeolites and related substances; New methods and principles for catalyst preparation; Hydrotreatment reactions (HDS, HDN); Characterization of catalysts, application of novel techniques; Selective oxidation; New catalytic aspects of heteropoly acids and related compounds; Reaction of hydrocarbons; Nontraditional catalytic materials; Fuel upgrading; Alkane activation; Acid-base catalysis; New selective catalytic reactons, fine chemicals; Environmental catalysis; Industrial catalysis, deactivation, reactivation; Synthesis from syngas; Electrocatalysis; Photocatalysis.

The invited lectures and 433 papers included in these volumes present an update on all areas of catalysis and applications.

Table of Contents

A selection of the contents. Invited Papers. Catalysis: Past, Present and Future (J.A. Rabo). Interfacial Coordination Chemistry: Concepts and Relevance to Catalysis Phenomena (M. Che). New Catalytic Aspects of Heteropolyacids and Related Compounds - To the Molecular Design of Practical Catalysts (M. Misono). The Catalytic Conversion of Methane to Oxygenates and Higher Hydrocarbons (J.H. Lunsford). New Reactions in Various Fields and Production to Specialty Chemicals (W.F. Hölderich). Submitted Papers. Stucture-Function Relationships in Heterogeneous Catalysis: The Embedded Surface Molecule Approach and its Applications (P. Johnson, R.W. Joyner). 1H Broad-Line NMR at 4 K for Studying the Acidity of Solids: Application to Zeolites (P. Batamack, C. Doremieux-Morin, J. Fraissard). Preparation of Bifunctional Catalysts by Solid-State Ion Exchange in Zeolites and Catalytic Tests (H.G. Karge, Y. Zhang, H.K. Beyer). Spectroscopic Studies on the Reaction Pathways of Methanol Dissociation on Pd Catalyst (A. Berkó, J. Raskó, F. Solymosi). Mechanism of Coke Formation during the Transformation of Propene, Toluene and Propene-Toluene Mixture on HZSM-5 (P. Magnoux, F. Machado, M. Guisnet). Hydrocarbon Formation from Methanol/Dimethyl Ether over Protonated Zeolites and Molecular Sieves. New Insights from Recent Experiments (S. Kolboe). New Surface Nb-Dimers Chemically Interacted with SiO2: Regulation of the Catalysis by Molecular Design of Reaction Sites (N. Ichikuni, Y. Iwasawa). Expert Systems Approach to Catalyst Design - Application and Experimental Verification (T. Hattori et al.). Structural Characteristics of Alumina-Supported Activated Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts. An XPS, NO Adsorption and Sulphydryl Group Study (L. Portela, P. Grange, B. Delmon). Direct Propane Ammoxidation to Acrylonitrile: Kinetics and Nature of the Active Phase (A. Anderson et al.). Role of Chromium Introduced into 1


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