Neuroscience Nursing

3rd Edition

A Spectrum of Care


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Key Features

  • Provides a foundation of neuroanatomy, normal physiology, assessment, and neurodiagnostic studies essential to understanding neurologic disorders.
  • Correlates neuroanatomy with the patient's clinical presentation.
  • Covers basic and advanced neuroassessment and documentation for effective and improved communication with the clinical team.
  • Builds a knowledge base of required skills for the necessary close observation and monitoring of the neuroscience patient to prevent complications and achieve the best outcomes.
  • Presents a comprehensive review of common neuroscience disorders and conditions for quick reference enhanced with current interventions by nursing experts.
  • Emphasizes care alerts and tips designed to produce the best clinical results.
  • Highlights key words in bold type and defines them within the text for greater clarity and understanding.
  • Includes separate chapters focusing on individual neurologic disorders with detailed descriptions from pathophysiology to in-depth analysis.
  • Stresses the nurse's role including: assessment, critical thinking and problem solving, collaborative team building, and patient and family education.
  • Describes appropriate care for each disorder from critical and acute care through post-acute care, neurorehabilitation, case management, and home health care.

Table of Contents

Part I Neuroanatomy and Assessment

1. Neuroanatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System

2. The Adult Neurologic Assessment

3. Neurodiagnostic Studies

Part II Neurologic Disorders

4. Central Nervous System Infections

5. Metabolic Disorders

6. Altered States of Consciousness and Sleep

7. Brain Tumors

8. Cranial Surgeries

9. Neuroscience Critical Care Management

10. Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

11. Neurotrauma: Traumatic Brain Injury

12. Neurotrauma: Spinal Injury

13. Neurorehabilitation

14. Nontraumatic Disorders of the Spine

15. Peripheral Nerve Disorders

16. Cranial Nerve Deficits

17. Stroke Management

18. Aneurysms—NEW!

19. Management of Movement Disorders

20. Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases—NEW!

21. Management of Dementia and Motor Neuron Disease—NEW!

22. Neuromuscular Junction and Muscle Disease

Part III Neurologic Conditions

23. Management of the Neuroscience Patient with Pain

24. Management of Seizures and Epilepsy

Part IV Legal Considerations

25. Legal Issues and Life Care Planning for the Neuroscience Patient


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