What Shall I Do?

1st Edition - August 21, 1989

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  • Authors: Dafydd Thomas, Bev Daily
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483182728

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Neurology: What shall I do? is a question and answer book that addresses the different kinds of neurological problems encountered by physicians everyday. The text serves as a quick reference guide for doctors and presents practical and simple approaches to certain neurological situations. The questions are grouped under broad headings such as epilepsy, headaches, weakness, fatigue, narcolepsy, and spinal problems. Answers to questions on pain problems, urinary difficulty, and how to categorize urgent and non-urgent cases are presented as well. Physicians, surgeons, and medical students will find the book very useful.

Table of Contents

  • Contents




    1 'Can I Ride My Bike, Mum?'

    2 Fit Or Faint?

    3 Is It Petit Mal?

    4 'Just A Febrile Convulsion'

    5 Temper Or Temporal Lobe Epilepsy?

    6 First Fit at 53

    7 First Fit at 14

    8 Alcohol Withdrawal Epilepsy

    9 Disco Disaster - The Flicker Fit

    10 The Doctor, The DVLC And The Driver with Epilepsy

    11 Shift Work - More Fits?

    12 If I Leave Her She Might Suffocate'

    13 Epilepsy and Oral Contraceptives

    14 Prescribing in Pregnancy

    15 Aiming for the Safe Delivery 17

    16 Anticonvulsants and Anticoagulants

    17 Depression and Epilepsy

    18 Phenytoin - Getting the Right Level

    19 Flying and Epilepsy


    20 What Is a Significant Headache?

    21 Do Brain Tumours Run in the Family?

    22 Early Morning Headache

    23 The Earth Moved!-Coital Migraine

    24 Migraine and the Pill

    25 Clonidine Rebound?

    26 Hard Work Headache

    27 Only Ergot Helps

    28 Arteritis - Don't Be Fooled by the ESR

    Head Injury

    29 All Through the Night - Observing Head Injury

    30 Minor Event, Major Outcome

    31 Post-Traumatic Syndrome - Fact Or Fable?


    32 Dizziness Gone; Nystagmus Remains

    33 Giddiness in the Elderly

    Multiple Sclerosis

    34 Retrobulbar Neuritis

    35 Prognostic Pointers in Multiple Sclerosis

    36 Demyelination Confirmed

    37 Are Diets Worth The Effort?

    38 Treating With Steroids

    39 Motherhood and MS - Recipe For Disaster?

    40 MS and the Pill

    41 Surgery Best Avoided

    Tremor and Parkinsonism

    42 The Shaking Hands - Benign Familial Tremor

    43 Parkinson Protocol

    44 Anticholinergics and Bromocriptine

    45 Confused by Drugs?

    46 Octogenarian Don Juan

    47 Parkinson Pills and Dyspeptic Distress

    48 The Shaking Limb-Levodopa Overdose

    49 Phenothiazines Or Parkinsonism?

    50 The Damsel's Distressing Dystonia

    Cerebrovascular Problems

    51 Fit And Healthy with a Carotid Bruit

    52 Takes Aspirin But Still Has Transient Ischaemic Attacks

    53 Anticoagulants at 80?

    54 Bell's Palsy Or Stroke?

    55 Hypotensives After a Cerebrovascular Accident?

    56 Only A Little Unwell with A Subarachnoid!


    57 Huntington's Disease - The Dreaded Legacy

    58 'Am I Losing My Mind?'

    59 Reversible Dementia

    60 Alzheimer's Or Multi-Infarct, Or Both?

    61 'It's Not Worth Investigating at His Age!'

    62 Do Cerebrovasodilators Have A Place?

    63 Benign Dysnesic Something-Or-Other

    Weakness, Fatigue And Narcolepsy

    64 Motor Neurone Disease-Any Grounds For Optimism?

    65 Fasciculation - When Not To Worry

    66 ME Or Not ME ? - That Is the Question

    67 The Woman Who Couldn't Get Out of Her Chair

    68 Narcolepsy Or Tired Out?

    Spinal Problems

    69 Don't Manipulate The Neck!

    70 Stiff Neck, Bad Mornings

    71 Stiff Neck, Dizzy Head

    72 What To Do with Whiplash?

    73 'Not Unless It's Really Necessary!'-Cervical Disc Surgery

    74 The When and Why Of Back Referral

    75 Pain in the Calves - Normal Pulses?

    76 Subacute Combined - Can You See It Coming?

    77 Progressive Spinal Cord Compression


    78 Missable Meningitis

    79 Meningococcal Meningitis - Acute Emergency!

    80 Herpes Simplex Encephalitis

    81 Treating Herpes Zoster - Is the Expense Justified? Visual Problems and Similar

    82 Homonymous Hemianopia

    83 Can Papilledema Come and Go?

    84 'He Can't Keep His Eyes Open!

    85 Is the Optician Incompetent?

    86 Visual Field Defect and the Lorry Driver

    87 Visual Obscuration On Standing - A Significant Symptom

    88 Diplopia and Squint - Neurologist Or Ophthalmologist?

    Pain Problems

    89 The Problem Of Postherpetic Neuralgia

    90 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Is Surgery Really Necessary?

    91 Unremitting Faceache

    Urinary Difficulty

    92 Stress Incontinence - Don't Forget Your Neurology

    93 Unsuccessful Prostatectomy


    94 The Tippler with Painful Feet

    95 Neurological AIDS

    96 Writer's Cramp

    97 Neurologist Or Paediatrician?

    98 How Reliable Are CT Scans?

    99 Neurology, Driving and the Law

    100 Urgent Or Non-Urgent?

    Useful Addresses


Product details

  • No. of pages: 128
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1989
  • Published: August 21, 1989
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483182728

About the Authors

Dafydd Thomas

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant Neurologist, St Mary's Hospital, London, UK

Bev Daily

Affiliations and Expertise

General Practitioner

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