Neural Crest Cells

1st Edition

Evolution, Development and Disease

Hardcover ISBN: 9780124017306
eBook ISBN: 9780124045866
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 17th December 2013
Page Count: 488
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Neural Crest Cells: Evolution, Development and Disease summarizes discoveries of historical significance and provides in-depth, current analyses of the evolution of neural crest cells, their contribution to embryo development, and their roles in disease. In addition, prospects for tissue engineering, repair and regeneration are covered, offering a timely synthesis of the current knowledge in neural crest cell research. A comprehensive resource on neural crest cells for researchers studying cell biology, developmental biology, stem cells and neurobiology, Neural Crest Cells: Evolution, Development and Disease provides foundational information needed for students , practicing physicians and dentists treating patients with craniofacial defects.

Key Features

  • BMA Medical Book Awards 2014 - Highly Commended,Basic and Clinical Sciences,2014, British Medical Association
  • Provides timely, comprehensive synthesis of the current knowledge of neural crest cells
  • Covers the evolution and development of neural crest cells
  • Includes content on applications for tissue engineering, repair and regeneration


Researchers across cell biology, developmental biology, stem cells; Medical and Dental students and teaching faculty

Table of Contents




Part I: Neural Crest Cell Evolution and Development

Chapter 1. The Neural Crest, a Fourth Germ Layer of the Vertebrate Embryo: Significance in Chordate Evolution

General Characteristics of the Neural Crest

Transition from Invertebrates Chordates to Vertebrates

The Molecular Control of EMT Studied in NCC Development

Role of the NC in the Development of the Vertebrate Head

The Evolutionary Origin of the Vertebrate Nervous System

The Genetic Identity of Vertebrate Secondary Brain Organizers as Landmarks for CNS Evolution in Deuterostomes

Are Precursors of the NC Present in non-vertebrate Chordates?

The Multiple Roles of the NC in the Construction of the Vertebrate Head and Brain

Hox Gene Expression in the Cephalic NC

Malformations of the Brain Induced by FSNC Removal

Effect of Forced Expression of Hox Genes in the FSNC on Face and Brain Development

Role of the Cephalic NC in the Regulation of Fgf8 Production by the ANR and Isthmus

The Evolution of Skeletal Structures in the Vertebrate Phylum

Conclusions and Perspectives



Chapter 2. Induction and Specification of Neural Crest Cells: Extracellular Signals and Transcriptional Switches


NC Induction at the NPB

Gene Regulatory Network Involved in NC Specification

Conclusions and Perspectives



Chapter 3. The Cell Biology of Neural Crest Cell Delamination and EMT


Loss of Intercellular Adhesion

Acquisition of Migratory Capacity

Appropriate Substrate for Migration

Conclusions and Perspectives


Chapter 4. Neural Crest Cell Migration: Guidance, Pathways, and Cell–Cell Interactions

Pathways of Neural


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BMA Medical Book Awards 2014 - Highly Commended, Basic and Clinical Sciences, British Medical Association


"This text is a tour de force in its field and is of significance to embryologists, craniofacial biologists, geneticists, syndromologists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons for its concepts and innovations in this rapidly expanding field. The quality of production from Academic Press is superb, providing a landmark reference work for those in the forefront of craniofacial research and regenerative surgical therapy."--British Dental Journal, May 23, 2014