Neural Circuit Development and Function in the Brain - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123972675, 9780123973467

Neural Circuit Development and Function in the Brain

1st Edition

Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience

Editor-in-Chiefs: John Rubenstein Pasko Rakic
Authors: John Rubenstein
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123972675
eBook ISBN: 9780123973467
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 21st May 2013
Page Count: 848
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The genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms of neural development are essential for understanding evolution and disorders of neural systems. Recent advances in genetic, molecular, and cell biological methods have generated a massive increase in new information, but there is a paucity of comprehensive and up-to-date syntheses, references, and historical perspectives on this important subject. The Comprehensive Developmental Neuroscience series is designed to fill this gap, offering the most thorough coverage of this field on the market today and addressing all aspects of how the nervous system and its components develop. Particular attention is paid to the effects of abnormal development and on new psychiatric/neurological treatments being developed based on our increased understanding of developmental mechanisms. Each volume in the series consists of review style articles that average 15-20pp and feature numerous illustrations and full references. Volume 3 offers 40 high level articles devoted mainly to anatomical and functional development of neural circuits and neural systems, as well as those that address neurodevelopmental disorders in humans and experimental organisms.

Key Features

  • Series offers 144 articles for 2904 full color pages addressing ways in which the nervous system and its components develop
  • Features leading experts in various subfields as Section Editors and article Authors
  • All articles peer reviewed by Section Editors to ensure accuracy, thoroughness, and scholarship
  • Volume 3 sections include coverage of: mechanisms that control the assembly of neural circuits in specific regions of the nervous system, multiple aspects of cognitive development, and disorders of the nervous system arising through defects in neural development


Neuroscience, developmental biology researchers, including stem cells, aging and diseases. Translational neuroscience researchers - many neurodegeneration diseases (Alzheimers!) have their roots in mechanisms studied in development, and many psychiatric diseases (Autism!) are consequences of developmental problems (Rubenstein is Prof Psychiatry)

Table of Contents

Brain Development: Normal Mechanisms and Disease Mechanisms - A comprehensive reference is the first complete in depth overview over this important area. Under the leadership of John Rubenstein (Ireland Professor for Psychiatry University of California San Francisco) and Pasko Rakic (Duberg Professor for Neurobiology, Yale University, former president SfN and one of the inaugural recipients in 2008 of the new, highest honor in Neuroscience, the Kavli Price) a brilliant team of the best scientists in Neuroscience and Developmental Biology present an up to date view of the field in over 200 articles, including 30 top level overview articles of the major subjects of interest (e.g. stem cells, neurodegeneration, developmental psychiatric disorders etc).
This unique reference is heavily illustrated in full color, and only available on-line in a heavily cross referenced format. The currency of the work and each article will be reviewed once a year, and updates or new articles will be added as necessary.


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About the Editor-in-Chief

John Rubenstein

Pasko Rakic

About the Author

John Rubenstein


"This is a comprehensive and information-packed book on neural circuit development and function. There have been tremendous advances over the past several years in understanding brain function as it relates to structure, but this information has not been easily accessible by clinicians and researchers. This book, written and edited by outstanding researchers in the field, provides this important information in an organized and relevant fashion… I highly recommend it." Rating: 3, January 17, 2014
"This is the third of a three volume series that is intended to summarize the current state of developmental neuroscience. There are three sections with Rubenstein and Rakic as chief editors and each section having a section editor tasked with peer reviewing the articles therein."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013