Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry

2nd Edition - January 1, 1961

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  • Author: Alexander R. Surrey
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483258683

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Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition, incorporates new, pertinent material and brings up to date the name reactions described in the first edition. Along with this revision, several additional name reactions have been included. As with the first edition, the selections were based on general interest, recurrence in the literature, and the contributions of the ""name chemist"" to the historical development of organic chemistry. Although the writer does not pretend to be an historian of chemistry, it seemed desirable to include, along with the reactions, pertinent information regarding the chemist's background, his training, his contemporaries, and his contributions. This book contains 103 name reactions, arranged alphabetically. The general plan was to present a description of each reaction, its scope, applicability, and limitations, and to bring it up to date in regard to any new developments.

Table of Contents

  • Preface to Second Edition

    Preface to First Edition

    Arndt-Eistert Synthesis

    Wolff Rearrangement

    Nierenstein Reaction

    Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation

    Barbier-Wieland Degradation

    Bart Reaction

    Bechamp Reduction

    Beckmann Rearrangement

    Birch Reduction

    Bischler-Napieralski Reaction

    Pictet-Gams Synthesis

    Blanc Chloromethylation Reaction

    Bouveault-Blanc Reduction

    Bouveault Aldehyde Synthesis

    Bodroux-Tsehitschibabin Synthesis

    Von Braun Reaction

    Von Braun Degradation

    Polonovski Reaction

    Bucherer Reaction

    Bucherer Hydantoin Synthesis

    Camps Reaction

    Cannizzaro Reaction

    Chugaev Reaction

    Claisen Condensation

    Claisen Reaction

    Claisen Rearrangement

    Claisen-Schmidt Condensation

    Clemmensen Reduction

    Combes Quinoline Synthesis

    Conrad-Limpach Synthesis

    Knorr Synthesis

    Curtius Reaction

    Dakin Reaction

    Dakin-West Reaction

    Darzens Glycidic Ester Condensation

    Darzens Synthesis of Unsaturated Ketones

    Nenitzescu Reaction

    Meyer-Schuster Rearrangement

    Delepine Reaction

    Dieckmann Reaction

    Claisen Condensation

    Diels-Alder Reaction

    Doebner Synthesis

    Doebner-Miller Synthesis

    Duff Reaction

    Elbs Reaction

    Elbs Persulfate Oxidation

    Emde Degradation

    Erlenmeyer-Plochl Azlactone Synthesis

    Faworskii Rearrangement

    Fischer Indole Synthesis

    Friedel-Crafts Reaction

    Friedlander Synthesis

    Fries Reaction

    Gabriel Synthesis

    Gattermann Aldehyde Synthesis

    Vilsmeier Reaction

    Gattermann Reaction

    Gattermann-Koch Reaction

    Gomberg-Bachmann-Hey Reaction

    Gould-Jacobs Reaction

    Graebe-Ullmann Synthesis

    Borsche Synthesis

    Grignard Reaction

    Hantzsch Pyridine Synthesis

    Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky Reaction

    Hoesch Synthesis

    Houben-Fischer Synthesis

    Hofmann Reaction

    Hofmann Degradation

    Hunsdiecker Reaction

    Simonini Reaction

    Prevost Reaction

    Ivanov Reaction

    Jacobsen Reaction

    Knoevenagel Reaction

    Doebner Reaction

    Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis

    Kolbe-Schmitt Reaction

    Marasse Modification

    Kolbe's Electrochemical Reaction

    Leuckart Reaction

    Eschweiler-Clarke Reaction

    Lossen Rearrangement

    McFadyen-Stevens Reduction

    Mannich Reaction

    Meerwein Condensation

    Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction

    Michael Reaction

    Nef Reaction

    Oppenauer Oxidation

    Passerini Reaction

    Pechmann Condensation

    Simonis Reaction

    Perkin Reaction

    Pfitzinger Reaction

    Pictet-Spengler Reaction

    Pomeranz-Fritsch Reaction

    Prins Reaction

    Pschorr Synthesis

    Reformatsky Reaction

    Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

    Reissert Reaction

    Rosenmund Reduction

    Rosenmund Reaction

    Sandmeyer Reaction

    Schiemann Reaction

    Schmidt Reaction

    Skraup Reaction

    Sommelet Reaction

    Sommelet Rearrangement

    Hass and Bender Procedure

    Krohnke Reaction

    Stephen Reaction

    Sonn and Miiller Reaction

    Stevens Rearrangement

    Stobbe Condensation

    Stork Reaction

    Ullmann Reaction

    Ullmann Condensation

    Chapman Rearrangement

    Wallach Reaction

    Willgerodt Reaction

    Williamson Synthesis

    Finkelstein Reaction

    Wittig Reaction

    Wohl-Ziegler Reaction

    Wolff-Kishner Reduction

    Wurtz Reaction

    Fittig Reaction

    Wurtz-Fittig Reaction


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  • No. of pages: 288
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1961
  • Published: January 1, 1961
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483258683

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