Mosby's Review Questions for the NBCE Examination: Parts I and II - 1st Edition

Mosby's Review Questions for the NBCE Examination: Parts I and II

1st Edition

Authors: Mosby
Imprint: Mosby


This valuable review tool features 1,000 multiple-choice questions with explanatory answers, organized by topic, according to Parts I and II of the NBCE boards. No other product on the market is as comprehensive and useful. It provides a Q&A review with rationale and quick reference tools to help users prepare for the boards. Updated references in each section direct students to supplemental reading for further information. Tables, boxes, and other quick-reference tools summarize content at a glance. The CD-ROM contains all the questions from the book plus approximately 500 additional questions, answers, and rationales, as well as automatically scored quizzes.

Key Features

  • Approximately 1,000 multiple-choice questions with explanatory answers are organized and formatted according to the national boards.
  • Updated references in each section refer readers to supplemental resources, making it easier to investigate specific topics.
  • CD-ROM with automatically scored quizzes enables students to practice and see their scores at the end of each test.
  • Illustrations visually reinforce difficult topics and aid understanding.
  • Tables, boxes, and other quick reference tools summarize the content at a glance.
  • Approximately 500 additional questions are provided on CD-ROM with answers, and rationales.

Table of Contents

Section I: General Anatomy

1. Topographical Anatomy
2. Osteology of the Appendicular Skeleton
3. Arthrology and Syndesmology of the Appendicular Skeleton
4. Myology of the Appendicular Skeleton
5. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
6. Digestive System
7. Respiratory System
8. Urogenital System
9. Endocrine System

Section II: Spinal Anatomy

10. Osetology of the Axial Skeleton
11. Myology of the Axial Skeleton
12. Arthrology and Syndesmology of the Axial Skeleton
13. Anatomy of the Central Nervous System and Related Structures
14. Anatomy of the Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous Systems
15. Organs of Special Senses

Section III: Physiology
16. Neurophysiology
17. Muscle Physiology
18. Cardiovascular Physiology
19. Respiratory Physiology
20. Body Fluids and Renal Physiology
21. Gastrointestinal Physiology
22. Reproductive Physiology
23. Endocrine Physiology
24. Exercise and Stress Physiology

Section IV: Chemistry

25. Carbohydrates
26. Lipids
27. Proteins, Amino Acids and Peptides
28. Enzymes
29. Hormones
30. Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
31. Vitamins and Minerals
32. Biochemical Energetics

Section V: Pathology

33. Fundamentals of Pathology
34. Genetic and Congenital Disorders
35. Disorders of the Immune System
36. Environmental and Nutritional Diseases
37. Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System
38. Disorders of the Nervous System
39. Diseases of the Organ Systems

Section VI: Microbiology and Public Health

40. Principles of Microbiology
41. Communicable and Infectious Diseases
42. Epidemiology and Disease Management
43. Environmental Health
44. Immunology

Section VII: General Diagnosis

45. Case History
46. Inspection
47. Vital Signs
48. He


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