Molecular Regulation of Nuclear Events in Mitosis and Meiosis

Molecular Regulation of Nuclear Events in Mitosis and Meiosis

1st Edition - February 17, 1987

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  • Editors: Robert A. Schlegel, Margaret S. Halleck, Potu N. Rao
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272702

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Molecular Regulation of Nuclear Events in Mitosis and Meiosis presents papers from researchers in various fields engaged in the scientific study of molecular mechanisms involved in the control of nuclear events in meiotic and mitotic cell activity. Various articles in the book discuss a wide range of topics such as the development of cytoplasmic activities that control chromosome cycles during maturation of amphibian oocytes; dynamics of the nuclear lamina during mitosis and meiosis; role of protein phosphorylation in xenopus oocyte meiotic maturation; and cell cycle studies of histone modifications. Molecular and cell biologists, oncologists, and biochemists will find the book invaluable.

Table of Contents

  • Contents


    1 Development of Cytoplasmic Activities That Control Chromosome Cycles during Maturation of Amphibian Oocytes

    I. Introduction

    II. Oocyte Maturation

    III. Maturation-Promoting Factor (MPF)

    IV. Cytostatic Factor (CSF)

    V. Concluding Remarks


    2 Dynamics of the Nuclear Lamina during Mitosis and Meiosis

    I. Introduction

    II. Dynamics of the Nuclear Lamina in Mitosis

    III. Dynamics of the Nuclear Lamina during Meiotic Prophase

    IV. Dynamics of the Nuclear Lamina during Egg Maturation and Early Development

    V. Comparison of the Dynamics of the Nuclear Lamina during Mitosis and Meiosis


    3 Regulation of Nuclear Formation and Breakdown in Cell-Free Extracts of Amphibian Eggs

    I. Introduction

    II. Regulation of Pronuclear Formation

    III. Regulation of Chromosome Condensation

    IV. Role of MPF, Ca2+ Ions, and Protein Phosphorylation in Controlling Nuclear Envelope Breakdown, Chromosome Condensation, and Spindle Assembly in Cell-Free Extracts

    V. Summary


    4 Role of Protein Phosphorylation in Xenopus Oocyte Meiotic Maturation

    I. Introduction

    II. Maturation-Inhibiting Phosphoproteins (Mp-P) and cAMP

    III. Protein Phosphorylation and Maturation-Promoting Factor (MPF) Activity

    IV. Conclusions


    5 Maintenance of Oocyte Meiotic Arrest by Follicular Fluid Factors

    I. Introduction

    II. Characterization of Follicular Fluid Oocyte Maturation Inhibitor (OMI) by Use of Isolated Mammalian Oocytes

    III. Hypoxanthine in Pig Follicular Fluid as the Principal Inhibitor of Mouse Oocyte Maturation and the Prevention of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Reversal of cAMP-Maintained Meiotic Arrest

    IV. Assay for and Characterization of Human Follicular Fluid OMI by Use of Oocytes from the Amphibian, Xenopus laevis

    V. Failure to Inhibit Xenopus Oocyte Maturation by Use of Exogenous Hypoxanthine in Combination with N6,2'-0-Dibutyryl-cAMP (Bt2-Cyclic AMP)

    VI. How Do the Inhibitory Factors Present in Follicular Fluid Maintain Meiotic Arrest in Oocytes?

    VII. Conclusions


    6 Regulation of Chromatin Condensation and Decondensation in Sea Urchin Pronuclei

    I. Introduction

    II. Mitotic and Premature Chromosome Condensation

    III. Male Pronuclear Decondensation

    IV. Conclusions


    7 Regulation of Mitosis by Nonhistone Protein Factors in Mammalian Cells

    I. Introduction

    II. The Mitotic Factors

    III. Inhibitors of the Mitotic Factors

    IV. Role of Protein Phosphorylation and Dephosphorylation in the Regulation of Nuclear Events Associated with Mitosis and Meiosis

    V. Conclusions


    8 Mitosis-Specific Cytoplasmic Protein Kinases

    I. Introduction

    II. Identification of Protein Kinases in Cellular Extracts

    III. Cell Cycle Specificity of Kinase Activities

    IV. Comparison of Kinase Activities with Protein Kinases Implicated in Mitotic Events

    V. Comparison of Kinase Activities with Mitotic Factors

    VI. Conclusions and Perspectives


    9 Antibodies to Mitosis-Specific Phosphoproteins

    I. Introduction

    II. Monoclonal Antibodies to Cells in Mitosis

    III. Characterization of Antigens Reactive with MPM-1 and MPM-2

    IV. Cytological Localization of Antigens Reactive with MPM-1 and MPM-2

    V. Biological Activity of MPM-1 and MPM-2 Antibodies

    VI. Discussion


    10 Mitosis-Specific Protein Phosphorylation Associated with Premature Chromosome Condensation in a ts Cell Cycle Mutant

    I. Introduction

    II. Isolation and Preliminary Characterization of the tsBN2 Cell Line

    III. Induction of Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC) in tsBN2 Cells at the Nonpermissive


    IV. Induction of Mitosis-Specific Phosphorylation in tsBN2 Cells by Temperature Shift

    V. Newly Synthesized Protein(s) in tsBN2 Cells Showing PCC

    VI. Discussion


    11 Chromatin Structure and Histone Modifications through Mitosis in Plasmodia of Physarum polycephalum

    I. Introduction

    II. Chromatin Structure and Organization

    III. Control of Chromosome Condensation

    IV. Cell Cycle Studies of Histone Modifications

    V. Histone Hl°

    VI. Histone HI Kinases

    VII. Discussion



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  • No. of pages: 386
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1987
  • Published: February 17, 1987
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272702

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Robert A. Schlegel

Margaret S. Halleck

Potu N. Rao

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