Key Features

  • This series provides a forum for discussion of new discoveries, approaches, and idea
  • Contributions from leading scholars and industry experts
  • Reference guide for researchers involved in molecular biology and related fields


Researchers, professors and graduate students in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, and medicine.

Table of Contents

  1. Αlpha-helical peptide assemblies: Giving new function to designed structures
  2. Elizabeth Bromley and Kevin Channon

  3. Viral Capsids as Self-Assembling Templates for New Materials
  4. Michel T. Dedeo, Daniel T. Finley, and Matthew B. Francis

  5. Nanobiotechnology with S-Layer Proteins as Building Blocks
  6. Prof. Uwe B. Sleytr, Prof. Bernhard Schuster, Dr. Eva M. Egelseer, Prof. Dietmar Pum, Dipl.-Ing. Christine M. Horejs, Dr. Rupert Tscheliessnig, Dr. Nicola Ilk

  7. The structure of bacterial S-layer proteins
  8. Tea Pavkov-Keller, Stefan Howorka, Walter Keller

  9. Pili and flagella: Biology, structure and biotechnological applications
  10. Nani Van Gerven, Gabriel Waksman and Han Remaut

  11. Protein modifications giving rise to homo-oligomers
  12. Georg E. Schulz

  13. Spider silk: understanding the structure-function relationship of a natural fiber
  14. Martin Humenik, Thomas Scheibel, Andrew Smith

  15. Bacterial Microcompartments: Insights into structure, mechanism and engineering applications

    Todd O. Yeates and Sophia J. Tsai


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Praise for the series:
"Full of interest not only for the molecular biologist-for whom the numerous references will be invaluable-but will also appeal to a much wider circle of biologists, and in fact to all those who are concerned with the living cell." --British Medical Journal