Microwave Antennas

Microwave Antennas

1st Edition - January 1, 1961

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  • Author: A. Z. Fradin
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184548

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Microwave Antennas provides a comprehensive discussion on the various areas of concerns in microwave antenna theory and design. The title also presents data from technical journals that cover the advances in the developments of microwave antenna technology. The text first discusses the classification, structure, and operating principles of microwave antennas, and then proceeds to tackling the fundamental problem of microwave antenna theory and methods for its solution. In Chapter III, the selection covers the solution of a number of mathematical problems of diffraction at openings in plane screens. The remaining chapters deal with the various types of antennas, such as horn, lens, slots, and helical. The book will be of great interest to students and practitioners of radio and telecommunications engineering.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

    Chapter I - Microwave Antennas, Their Classification, Structure and Operating Principles

    Section 1. Scope of the Investigation

    Section 2. Classification of Microwave Antennas

    Section 3. Horn Antennas

    Section 4. Lens Antennas

    Section 5. Slot Antennas

    Section 6. Dielectric Antennas

    Section 7. Reflector Antennas

    Section 8. Surface-Wave Antennas

    Section 9. General Characteristics of Microwave Antennas

    Chapter II - the Fundamental Problem of Microwave Antenna Theory and Methods for Its Solution

    Section 1. Statement of the Problem

    Section 2. Initial Equations

    Section 3. Method of Auxiliary Sources

    Section 4. The Vector Potential Method

    Section 5. The Principle of Equivalence

    Section 6. The Approximate Solution of the External Problem of Microwave Theory

    Section 7. Kirchhoff's Formula. Comparison with the Vector Formula

    Section 8. The Method of Stationary Phase

    Chapter III - Diffraction from an Opening in a Plane Screen

    Section 1. Introduction

    Section 2. Co-Phased Field in a Rectangular Opening

    Section 3. Co-Phased Field at a Circular Opening

    Section 4. General Features of Directivity of Radiation from Plane Co-Phased Antennas

    Section 5. Parasitic Polarization

    Section 6. Linear Variation of Phase

    Section 7. Quadratic Variation of Field Phase in a Rectangular Opening

    Section 8. Quadratic Variation of Field Phase at a Circular Opening

    Section 9. Cubic Phase Variation

    Section 10. The Effect of Periodic Variation of Amplitude On the Directional Pattern of Cophased Antennas

    Chapter IV - Waveguide Radiators

    Section 1. The Field in a Rectangular Waveguide

    Section 2. Radiation from the Aperture of a Rectangular Waveguide

    Section 3. The Field in a Circular Waveguide

    Section 4. The Approximate Solution of the Problem of Radiation from the Aperture of a Circular Waveguide

    Section 5. The Rigorous Statement of the Problem of Waveguide Radiators

    Section 6. The Results of a Rigorous Solution of the Problem of Waveguide Radiation

    Chapter V - Horn Antennas

    Section 1. Introduction

    Section 2. Sectoral Horns

    Section 3. Pyramidal Horn

    Section 4. Bi-Conical Horn

    Section 5. Quasi-Pyramidal Horns

    Section 6. Conical Horn

    Section 7. Rigorous Solution of the Problem of Exciting the Horn Antenna

    Section 8. Passage from Rectangular Waveguide to Sectoral Or Pyramidal Horns

    Section 9. The Properties of the Electromagnetic Field in the Aperture of a Horn Antenna. Phase Correction

    Chapter VI - Lens Antennas

    Section 1. Homogeneous Lenses with Plane Wave in the Aperture

    Section 2. Permittivity and Refractive Index of Metal-Dielectric Lenses

    Section 3• Frequency Characteristics of Lens Antennas

    Section 4. Technical Tolerances

    Section 5. Aplanar Lenses

    Section 6. Metal Lens with Wide-Angle Beam Oscillation

    Section 7. Spherical and Circular-Cylindrical Inhomogeneous Lenses

    Section 8. The Perforated Metal-Plate Lens

    Section 9. Reflection from the Lens Surface

    Section 10. Methods of Eliminating Reflections from Lens Surfaces

    Section 11. Distribution of Field Amplitudes in the Lens Aperture

    Section 12. The Calculation of the Radiation Characteristics of Lens Antennas

    Section 13. Obtaining a Cosecant Directional Pattern from a Lens

    Chapter VII - Reflectors

    Section 1. The Methods of Analyzing Reflector Operation

    Section 2. Design of a Paraboloid of Revolution by the Aperture Method

    Section 3. Exciters for Paraboloids of Revolution

    Section 4. Effects on the Radiator of Waves Reflected from the Reflectors

    Section 5. Parabolic Cylinder. Segmental-Parabolic Antennas

    Section 6. Technical Tolerances

    Section 7. Paraboloids with Lattice and Perforated Surfaces

    Section 8. Spherical Reflectors

    Section 9. Design of a Reflector for a Pre-Assigned Field Phase Distribution in the Aperture

    Section 10. Reflectors with a Cosecant Directional Pattern

    Section 11. Plane Reflectors

    Chapter VIII - Slot Antennas

    Section 1. Pistol Kors's Duality Principle and Its Application to Slot Antennas

    Section 2. Slots in Finite Metal Plates

    Section 3• Slots in Walls of Rectangular Waveguide

    Section 4. Slots in Circular Cylindrical Surfaces

    Chapter IX - Dielectric Antennas

    Section 1. The Electromagnetic Field in a Solid Dielectric Rod of Circular Section

    Section 2. Wave Attenuation in Dielectric Rods

    Section 3. Electromagnetic Field in a Solid Circular Dielectric Antenna

    Section 4. Second Equivalence Principle

    Section 5. The Directional Pattern of a Dielectric Antenna

    Section 6. Analysis of Experimental Data Obtained On Solid Dielectric-Rod Antennas

    Section 7. Design of Solid-Rod Dielectric Antennas

    Section 8. Dielectric Tubes

    Section 9• Dielectric Antenna Arrays

    Section 10. Dielectric Rod Antennas Radiating Perpendicular to the Axis Antennas with a Wideangle Directional Pattern

    Chapter X - Surface-Wave Antennas

    Section 1. Surface Waves

    Section 2. Surface Impedance

    Section 5. Metal Surface Covered with a Dielectric Layer

    Section 4. Grooved Metal Surface

    Section 5. Radiation Characteristics of Plane Antennas Employing Plane Surface Waves

    Section 6. The Radiation Characteristics of Plane Antennas Employing Cylindrical Surface Waves

    Section 7. Cylindrical Surface Wave Antennas

    Chapter XI - Helical Antennas

    Section 1. Structure. Fundamental Definitions

    Section 2. Condition of Axial Radiation

    Section 3. The Condition of Non-Directional Radiation

    Section 4. Amplitude and Phase Distribution for Current on the Cylindrical Antenna

    Section 5. Characteristics of Conical Helix Antennas

    Section 6. The Electromagnetic Radiation Field of a Cylindrical Helix Antenna




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  • No. of pages: 680
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1961
  • Published: January 1, 1961
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184548

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A. Z. Fradin

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