Microsomes and Drug Oxidations

Microsomes and Drug Oxidations

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium, Berlin, July 1976

1st Edition - January 1, 1977

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  • Editors: Volker Ullrich, Alfred Hildebrandt, Ivar Roots
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483159089

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Microsomes and Drug Oxidations is a record of the proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations, held in Berlin, Germany in July 1976. The compendium provides an overview of knowledge on the oxidative metabolism of drugs, carcinogens, and various other environmental chemicals. Topics discussed include lipid structure of liver microsomal membranes; interactions between cytochrome p-450 and nadphcytochrome p-450 reductase in the microsomal membrane; impact of drug monoxygenases in clinical pharmacology; and the manner in which oxygen participates in mixed-function oxidation reactions. Pharmacologists, toxicologists, biochemists, and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry will find the book highly insightful.

Table of Contents

  • Contents

    List of Participants


    Otto Rosenthal, the Man and His Work

    I Biochemistry

    Lipid Structure of Liver Microsomal Membranes, Limitations of a Model

    A Study of Cytochrome P-450 Reduction by Sodium Dithionite

    Investigation of Microsomal Hydroxylating System at Sub-Zero Temperatures

    Isolation of Microsomal Electron Transport Components and Reconstitution of the Electron Transfer Activity on Liposomal Vesicles

    Differences in Substrate Affinity and Catalytic Specificity of Inducible and Non-Inducible Forms of Cytochrome P-450 in Rabbit Liver

    Effects of Buffer Composition on the Low-Spin ESR Spectrum of Cytochrome P-450

    Kinetics of TiamutinR Interaction with Cytochrome P-450 from Rabbit Liver

    Different Phases of Hydroxylase Induction in Liver

    Microsomes of Female Mice during Inhalation of Cyclohexane and D,L-Camphor

    Protein-Lipid Interactions in the Liver Microsomal Hydroxylase System

    Further Studies of the Fluroxene Mediated Destruction of Hepatic Microsomal Cytochromes P-450 in Vitro

    Purification of Membrane-Bound Oxygenases: Isolation of two Electrophoretically Homogeneous Forms of Liver Microsomal Cytochrome P-450

    Microsomal Hemeproteins P-450LM-2 and P-450LM4 : Comparative Structural Studies

    Hepatic Microsomal Ethanol Oxidizing System: Isolation and Reconstitution

    Characterization of NADPH-Cytochrome c (P-450) Reductase Purified by Biospecific Affinity Chromatography Utilizing Spectrophotometric and Electron Paramegnetic Resonance Techniques

    Relationship between the Membrane Lipids and Substrate-Cytochrome P-450 Binding Reaction in Bovine Adreno-Cortical Microsomes

    Kinetic and Spectral Evidence for Multiple Species of Cytochrome P-450 in Liver Microsomes

    Differences in the Interactions of R and S Warfarin with Hepatic Microsomal Cytochrome P-450

    Multiple Forms of Housefly Cytochrome P-450

    Catalytic Hydroxylation Activities and Some Other Properties of Partially Purified Rabbit Pulmonary Microsomal Cytochrome P-450

    Hepatic Microsomal and Solubilized Mixed-Function Oxidase Systems from the Little Skate, Raja erinaoea, A Marine Elasmobranch

    Aminimide Polymers as Supports for Affinity Chromatography, Under Low and High Pressure, of Microsomal Enzymes

    Sex Differences in the Pattern of Cytochromes P-450 in Rat Liver Microsomes

    Characterization of Multiple Forms of Highly Purified Cytochrome P-450 from the Liver Microsomes of Rats, Mice and Rabbits

    The Mechanism of Cytochrome P-450 Action

    Oxygen Reactions of the P-450 Heme Protein

    The Peroxidase Nature of Cytochrome P-450

    Cytochrome P-450 Catalyzed Oxene Transfer from Various Donors

    Association of Type I, Type II, and Reverse Type I Difference Spectra with Absolute Spin State of Cytochrome P-450 Iron

    NMR Relaxation Time Studies of Substrate Interactions with P-450 and other Hemoproteins

    The Interaction of Polyhalogenated Methanes with Ferrous Cytochrome P-450

    Substrate-Elicited Dissociation of the Isosafrole Metabolite-Cytochrome P-450 Complex and the Consequential Reactivation of Monooxygenation

    The Interaction of Halothane with Liver Microsomal Cytochrome P-450

    The Formation of Hydrogen Peroxide During Hepatic Microsomal Electron Transport Reactions

    Oxygen Transfer in Microsomal Oxidative Desulfuration

    Redox and Ligand Dynamics in P~450cam - Putidaredoxin Complexes

    The Inhibition of Mixed-Function Oxidation Reactions by Amphetamines in Liver and Lung Microsomes

    The Physiological Implications of Drug Oxidations to the Cell

    Nicotinamide Nucleotide Systems and Drug Oxidation in the Liver Cell

    The Role of Reducing Equivalents Generated in Mitochondria in Hepatic Mixed-Function Oxidation

    Destruction of Cytochrome P-450 by Linoleic Acid Hydroperoxide

    Stoichiometry of Oxygen Uptake, NADPH Oxidation and Ethylmorphine N-Demethylation by Hepatic Microsomes

    Structural and Functional Interaction of Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) and Mitochondria during Synthesis of Hepatic Cytochrome P-450

    Mechanism of N-Oxide Formation by Hepatic Mixed Function Oxidases

    A Preliminary Comparative Study on the Influence of Cysteamine and Metyrapone on Mixed-Function Oxygenase Activities in Variously Pretreated Liver Microsomes from Rats and Mice

    Inhibition of Rat Liver Microsomal DT Diaphorase by Benzo (a) Pyrene Metabolite(S)

    Characteristics of the Hepatic Monooxygenase Catalyzing the Metabolism of Prostaglandin A1 (PGA1) in Guinea Pigs and Rats. I. Effects of Inducers

    Studies on a Cytochrome P-450-Dependent Hydroxylase System Active on Steroids in Bacillus Megaterium

    II Pharmacology

    Impact of Drug Monoxygenases in Clinical Pharmacology

    Role of Liver Nuclei in the Formation of DNA Binding Products from Benzo (a) Pyrene

    Mechanism of Microsomal Activation of Benzo (a) Pyrene to Diol-Epoxides: The Separation and Characterization of Intermediates and Products

    The Metabolism of Benzo (a) Pyrene in Cell Cultures and Homogenates from Different Human Fetal Tissues

    Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase in Cultured Human Lymphocytes

    Assignment of a Human Gene for Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase Expression to Chromosome 2

    Oxidative Metabolism of Carcinogens by Trout Liver Resulting in Protein Binding and Mutagenicity

    Drug-Drug Interactions via Inhibition of Microsomal Enzymes Involved in Metabolism of Epoxides Produced by Microsomal Monooxygenase

    Levels of Glutathione and Glutathione-Metabolizing Enzymes in Rat Lung

    The Disposition of Benzo (a) Pyrene in Isolated Perfused Rat Lung

    Epoxide Hydratase in Rat Lung

    Monooxygenase Catalyzed Activation of Thiono-Sulfur Containing Compounds to Reactive Intermediates

    Stimulatory Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) on Cytochromes P-450 and P-448 Mediated Microsomal Oxidations

    Depression of Hepatic Cytochrome P-450-dependent Monooxygenase Systems with Administered Interferon Inducing Agents

    Alterations of Hepatic Microsomal Mixed Function Oxygenase Dependent H2O2 Formation due to "Uncoupling" and Induction as Demonstrated in vivo by Elimination Kinetics of Ethanol in Guinea Pig

    The Microsomal Metabolism of Carcinogenic and/or Therapeutic Hydrazines

    Role of Hydroxylated Metabolites of Phenytoin in Dose-Dependency

    Species Differences in Drug Metabolism: in vivo Parameters of Hepatic Drug-Metabolising Enzyme Activity in the Baboon

    Evidence for Binding of Lidocaine to Two Catalytically Different Sites of Liver Microsomal Cytochrome P-450

    Differential Influence of Physiological, Pharmacological and Pathological Alterations on Hepatic and Entrahepatic Drug Metabolism

    Metabolism of Hexobarbital Enantiomers and Interaction with Cytochrome P-450 in Male and Female Mice and Rats

    The Mechanism of Degradation of Endogenous Heme and Cytochrome P-450 by Heme Oxygenase

    Induction of Cytochrome P-448 by 3-Methylcholanthrene in the Rat during Inhibition of Protein Synthesis in Vivo

    Stimulation of Liver Growth and Mixed-Function Oxidase by a-Hexachlorocyclohexane: Separation of Inductive Pathways

    Induction of Cytochrome P-450 by Long-Term Infusion of Phenobarbital

    Metabolism and Mutagenicity of 2-Acylaminofluorenes and Related Compounds

    In Vivo Parameters of Drug Metabolism - Differences in Specificity Towards Inducing Agents

    Studies on the Mechanism by which Disulfiram and Diethyldithiocarbamate Affect Drug Metabolism

    Alterations in the Activities of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes in Rat Liver Microsomes by Dietary and in Vitro Incorporated Cholesterol

    Steroid - 16α-Hydroxylase in Rat Liver: Biochemical and Biological Properties

    Correlation between Drug, Lipid and Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Rat after Chronic Beta-Adrenoreceptor Antagonist Treatment

    Conversion of Trichloroethylene to Carbon Monoxide by Microsomal Cytochrome P-450

    Stereoselective in Vitro Aromatic Oxygenation of Chiral 1,4-Benzodiazepin-2-Ones

    Effects of Disease States on Drug Disposition in Man

    Isolation of Rat Liver Epoxide Hydratase: Properties and Substrate Specificity of the Pure Enzyme

    Reduction of a Tertiary Amine N-Oxide and an Arene Oxide in Relation to the Reduction Rate of Cytochrome P-450 in Rat Liver Microsomes

    Microsomal Oxidation of Isoproterenol and Irreversible Protein Binding of Metabolites

    Benzo (a) Pyrene Metabolism by Microsomes and Isolated Epithelial Cells from Rat Small Intestine

    Characterization of the Drug Monooxygenase System in Mouse Small Intestine

    Formation of Alkylation and Carbamylation Intermediates and Cytochrome P-450 Catalyzed Monooxygenation of the 2-Chloroethylnitrosoureas CCNU and Methyl CCNU

    Proposed Mechanism for the Reductive Glycosidic Cleavage of Daunomycin (NSC 82151) and Adriamycin (NSC 123127)

    Covalent Binding of Styrene Oxide to Rat Liver Macro-Molecules in Vivo and in Vitro

    III Outlook

    The Regulation of Human Drug Metabolism by Nutritional Factors

    The Bay-Region Theory: A Quantum Mechanical Approach to Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Induced Carcinogenicity

    The Activation and Induction of Biphenyl Hydroxylation and Chemical Carcinogenesis

    Integrated Electron Transfer: Iron States and Regulation

    Purification of Liver Microsomal Cytochrome P-450: Hopes and Promises

    Active Oxygen - Fact or Fancy


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  • No. of pages: 802
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1977
  • Published: January 1, 1977
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483159089

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