Microprocessor Data Book

Microprocessor Data Book

2nd Edition - January 1, 1990

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  • Author: S. A. Money
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483268705

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Microprocessor Data Book, Second Edition focuses on the available types of microprocessors and microcomputers, including description of internal architecture, instruction set, main electrical data, and package details of these instruments. The book first elaborates on 4-bit and 8-bit microprocessors and microcomputers. Discussions focus on Advanced Micro Devices Am2900 series, Hitachi HMCS40 series, Motorola MC6801 and MC6803, Motorola MC6809 series, Rockwell R6500/1 series, and RCA 1800 series. The text then examines 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors and microcomputers. Topics include Intel 80286 microprocessor, Motorola 68010, Texas Instruments TMS9980, Zilog Z8000 series, Motorola 68020 processor, and National 32032. The manuscript takes a look at other support devices, peripheral device controllers, and serial I/O devices, including Motorola MC6850 ACIA, Texas Instruments TMS9902 ACC, Thomson EFCIS EF9365/6, and floppy disk controllers. The publication is a valuable source of information for computer science experts and researchers interested in microprocessors and microcomputers.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    1 Introduction


    Bus Systems

    CPU Control

    CPU Execution

    Subroutines and Stacks




    Word Length

    Types of Device

    Fabrication technology

    Choosing a Microprocessor or Microcomputer

    2 4-Bit Microprocessors and Microcomputers

    AMD Am2900 Series

    Hitachi HMCS40 Series

    Matsushita MN1400/1500 Series

    Motorola MC10800 Series

    National COP400 Series

    NEC μzCOM75x Series

    OKI Series 40

    Rockwell PPS4/1 Series

    Texas Instruments TMS1000 Series

    3 8-Bit Microprocessors and Microcomputers

    General Instrument PIC1650 Series

    Intel 8048 Series

    Intel 8051 Series

    Intel 8085A

    SGS-Thompson 3870 Series

    Motorola MC6800 Series

    Motorola MC6801 and MC6803 Series

    Motorola MC6802 Series

    Motorola MC6805 Series

    Motorola MC6809 Series

    Motorola MC146805 Series

    Mullard MAB8400 Series

    National NSC800

    MOS Technology MCS6502 Series

    NEC μPD78k Series

    RCA 1800 Series

    Rockwell R6500/1 Series

    SGS-Thompson ST9 Microcontroller

    Zilog Z8

    Zilog Z80

    4 16-Bit Microprocessors and AMD Am29116 Microcomputers

    Hitachi H8/300 Series

    Hitachi H8/500 Series

    Intel iAPX86 Series

    Intel iAPX88 Series

    Intel 80186/80188 Microcontroller

    Intel 80286 Microprocessor

    Motorola MC68000 Series

    Motorola MC68008 Series

    Motorola 68010

    National HPC Series

    NEC V20/V30 Series

    NEC V25/V35 Microcomputer

    Texas Instruments TMS9900

    Texas Instruments TMS9940 and 9985

    Texas Instruments TMS9980

    Texas Instruments TMS9995

    Zilog Z8000 Series

    5 32-Bit Microprocessors

    Hitachi HD641016 (H16)

    Intel 80386DX

    Intel 80386SX

    Intel 80486

    Motorola 68020

    Motorola 68030

    National 32032

    National 32532

    6 Risc Type Processors

    Acorn RISC Machine (ARM) Processor

    AMD AM29000

    INMOS Transputer

    Intel 80960 RISC Embedded Processor

    MIPS R2000/R3000 RISC Processor

    Motorola 88100 RISC Processor

    Novix Forth Processor

    Sun Spare RISC Processor

    7 Parallel I/O Devices


    IEEE488 Interface Bus

    Intel 8255 PPI

    Motorola MC6821 PIA

    Motorola 68230 PIT

    Zilog Z8420-PIO

    Intel 8291 GPIB Listener-Talker

    Intel 8292 GPIB Controller

    Motorola MC68488 GPIB Interface

    Texas Instruments TMS9914 GPIB Adapter

    8 Serial I/O Devices


    Intel 8251A PCI

    Intersil IM6402 UART

    Motorola MC6850 ACIA

    Motorola MC6852 SSDA

    Motorola MC6854 ADLC

    Motorola 68681 Dual UART

    NEC μPD379USRT

    Signetic 2651 PCI

    Rockwell R6551 ACIA

    Signetics 2661

    Texas Instruments TMS9902 ACC

    Zilog 8440 SIO

    Zilog 8470 DART

    9 Peripheral Device Controllers

    Visual Display Controllers

    Motorola MC6845

    Motorola MC6847

    Thomson EFCIS EF9365/6

    Thomson EFCIS 96364

    Floppy Disk Controllers

    Disk Controller Data

    10 Other Support Devices

    Intel 8252 Timer

    Motorola MC6840

    Motorola 68901 MFP

    MOS Technology 6522 VIA

    Zilog Z8430CTC

    Analogue Converter Device Data

    Analogue Device Manufacturers

    11 Development Aids

    Single Board Computers

    Backplane Bus Systems

    Personal Computer Systems

    Full Development Systems

    12 Directory Of Manufacturers

    13 Glossary Of MicroProcessor Terms

Product details

  • No. of pages: 322
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1990
  • Published: January 1, 1990
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483268705

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S. A. Money

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