Microbial Forensics

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123885517
eBook ISBN: 9780080454887
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 16th May 2005
Page Count: 448
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Microbial Forensics describes the new and growing field of Microbial Forensics- the science that will help bring to justice criminals and terrorists who use biological material to cause harm. This book describes the foundation of the field of microbial forensics and will serve as a basic primer to initiate those scientists and officials that have an interest in the topic. It covers a variety of areas from forensic science, to microbiology, to epidemiology, to bioinformatics, and to legal issues.

Key Features

  • Provides the real science beyond that displayed on TV and in the movies
  • Covers not only microbes but also the biology, chemistry, physics & computer science that is used for identification.
  • Of relevance Internationally to military, intelligence, law enforcement, agricultural, legal and environmental fields


Microbiologists, forensic scientists, virologists, government laboratories,pharmaceutical companies and public health specialists

Table of Contents

Contributors Foreword Preface Acknowledgments 1 Microbial Forensics Introduction The Threat History Forensic Science Defining the Microbial Forensics Program Carrying Out a Successful Microbial Forensics Program SWGMGF Epidemiology (A First Step in a Microbial Forensic Analysis) Microbial Forensic Tools Bioinformatics and Genetics Forensic Case Examples Education Conclusion Acknowledgment References 2 Infectious Diseases: Not Just a Health Matter Anymore Introduction Infectious Disease: The Classic Health Viewpoint Infectious Disease: The Offensive Biological Weapons Viewpoint Infectious Disease: New Players and New Threats Infectious Disease: What Are the Threats Infectious Disease: Biosafety and Biosecurity References 3 The Fundamentals of Human Virology Introduction An Overview of the DNA Viruses An Overview of the RNA Viruses Positive-sense RNA Viruses Negative-sense Single-Stranded RNA Viruses Segmented RNA Viruses and the Retroviridae The Application of Molecular Forensics and Epidemiology to Viral Infections References 4 Keeping Track of Viruses Introduction What Is a Virus? Basic Virology Virus Lifecycle Virus Classification Generation of Viral Diversity Introduction to Viral Kinetics and Outcome How Do You Identify a Virus Examples of Naturally Emerging Viruses Viral Forensics Engineering Novel Viruses Determining the Source of an Engineered Virus Conclusion Acknowledgments References 5 Bacterial Pathogens DNA Regions of Value for Forensic Identification of Bacterial Pathogens Bacterial Pathogens of Concern References 6 Biology and Detection of Fungal Pathogens of Humans and Plants Introduction Classification, No


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"The editors have gathered an impressive array of experts and present 18 chapters that give the reader both an overview of microbial forensics and fairly intricate details regarding different aspects of the field. ...contains a good amount of interesting information regarding the application of forensic science to biological crimes and bioterrorist events." - CLINICAL INFECTIONS DISEASES (January 2005)