Mathematical Modelling in Science and Technology

Mathematical Modelling in Science and Technology

The Fourth International Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, August 1983

1st Edition - January 1, 1984

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  • Editors: Xavier J.R. Avula, Rudolf E. Kalman, Anthanasios I. Liapis
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483190594

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Mathematical Modelling in Science and Technology: The Fourth International Conference covers the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference by the same title, held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland on August 15-17, 1983. Mathematical modeling is a powerful tool to solve many complex problems presented by scientific and technological developments. This book is organized into 20 parts encompassing 180 chapters. The first parts present the basic principles, methodology, systems theory, parameter estimation, system identification, and optimization of mathematical modeling. The succeeding parts discuss the features of stochastic and numerical modeling and simulation languages. Considerable parts deal with the application areas of mathematical modeling, such as in chemical engineering, solid and fluid mechanics, water resources, medicine, economics, transportation, and industry. The last parts tackle the application of mathematical modeling in student management and other academic cases. This book will prove useful to researchers in various science and technology fields.

Table of Contents

  • Objective, Conference Organization and Advisory Board


    Invited General Lectures

    Deterministic Control of Uncertain Systems

    The Use of Interative Graphics in the Analysis and Design of Complex Feedback Systems

    General Software for Computer-Aided Synthesis of Control for Manipulation Robots

    Multicriterion Decisions in Systems with Feedback

    Mathematical Modeling and Long Range Planning

    Modeling and Identification

    Statistical Methods for Experimental Planning in Chemical Engineering


    Direct Computer Modeling

    Interpolation Methods for Tensor Functions

    An Autoregressive Model with Varying Coefficients with Application to Prediction

    Innermathematical Vs. Extramathematical Obstructions to Model Credibility

    Searching for Structure: The BMDH Algorithm

    Systems Theory

    Contributions to a State Space Theory for Linear Partial Differential Equation Models

    Complex Dynamical Systems

    On Equilibrium Programming

    A Decomposition Algorithm for Solving Sparse Systems of Simultaneous Equations

    The Structural Complexity of Continuously Functioning Multi-Goal Systems

    Mathematical Modelling of Multidimensional Systems and Their Applications

    Category of Spaces of Available States with Application to Modelling of Computer Languages

    Modelling the Apple II Using Categories of Spaces of Available States

    Application of Bifurcation Diagrams to the Modelling of Stability Problems

    Qualitative Methods in Social Systems Modelling

    An Evaluation Procedure for Electronics Equipment Life Cycle Costs

    An Extension of the Concept of Structural Sensitivity in an Urban Model

    Parameter Estimation and Systems Identification

    On Measures of Nonlinearity for Dynamic Stochastic Systems

    Parameter and State Identification in Nonlinearizable Dynamical Models

    Singular Perturbation Approach to Stiff Estimation

    System Identification of Ship Steering Dynamics without Yaw Measurement

    Identification of Multivariable Model for Commercial Vehicles

    Dynamic Models of Urban and Regional Systems: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues

    Biocybernetical Model of Some States of Consciousness in Humans

    Using Contextual Postprocessing to Improve Recognition of The English Text

    Kaiman Filtering and Parameter Estimation in the Elementary Gaussian Process Case


    On Some Issues Concerning Optimization and Decision Trees

    Maximizations with Respect to Cones in Mathematical Modelling

    Production-Inventory Systems with State Constraints - Control Policies and Objective Functions

    The Design of Optimal Relational Data Model

    A Markov Process Model for Cash Management

    Modelling Manpower Allocation of Mixed Multiproduct Assembly Line

    A Mathematical Technique to Optimize a Mechanical Design with Many Parameters

    Multiple Objective Optimization Applied to Missile System Design

    Reduction of the Number of Patterns in a Cutting Program

    Optimal Design of Heat Conducting Structural Elements

    Mathematical Models for Power Converter Design Optimization

    Models for Electric Generating System Development - Acceleration of Technology Development and Interaction Analysis

    A Comparison of the Algorithms for Automated Data Adjustment and Material Balance Around Mineral Processing Equipment

    A Computer Model in Solid Waste Management

    Application of Operations Research in Paper Procurement

    Stochastic Modelling

    Topological Invariance in Stochastic Analysis

    Linear Systems Submitted to Nonlinear Transformations of Gaussian Processes a Ritz-Galerkin Approach

    Reliability Assessment Based on Point Estimates of Probability Moments

    Using Stochastic Optimal Control to Find Shortest Paths in Networks

    Markov Process Models: A General Framework for Estimation and Inference in the Absence of State Transition Data

    A Storage Process with Non-Constant Inflow and Outflow

    A Stochastic Mathematical Model on the Kinetic Theory of Test Particles in the Flow Field of the Discrete Boltzmann Equation

    Mathematical Modelling of Surface Temperatures

    On the Dynamics of Dumbbell Satellites in Two Gravitational Fields

    A Stochastic Treatment of a Dynamic Model for an Interacting Cities System

    Cross Correlations in Decomposed Streams of Events with Applications To Queueing Networks


    Multidisciplinary Mathematical Modeling with Advanced Simulation Languages

    MAPLIS - A Matrix Oriented Language for Modelling and Interactive Simulation

    MWR - Based Modelling and Simulation of Multidimensional Distributed Parameter Systems with Curvilinear Boundary

    Fuzzy Simulation Programming System--Confucius

    Mission Planning for the Voyager 2 Encounter with Uranus-- Mathematical Modelling Applications

    Graphics Based Simulation System (GBSS) for Microcomputers

    Numerical Modelling

    Finite Difference Methods for Modelling Elastically Dissimilar Strata

    Numerical Implementation of Elasto-Plastic Model

    Finite Element Modelling of Contaminant Transport in Saturated Aquifers

    A Non-Iterative Performance Modelling Method for Supercharged Heater Cycle

    Numerical Solution of Electrical Power Systems Using Diakopitcs

    Finite Element Modelling of the Temperature Histories in Arc Welding

    Mathematical Modeling of Unbounded Media Undergoing Wave Motion

    Numerical Modeling of D-Mappings with Applications to Chemical Kinetics

    Transport and Accumulation of Frazil Ice Suspensions in Rivers

    A Three Dimensional Model of Estuarine Hydraulics

    Some Useful Formulas for Multi-Variable Interpolation and Integration

    Finite Element Analysis of Calendering

    A Mathematical Model for Computing Run-Up of Breaking Waves

    Mathematical Modelling of Spark Ignition Engine Combustion

    A Boundary Element Method for Analyzing Mining Induced Stresses and Displacements

    Chemical Engineering

    Conversion Estimates for Gas-Solid Reactions

    Mathematical Model of a Freely-Bubbling Fluidized Bed

    Microstructural Models for Immiscible Mixtures: Mathematical Modeling Methods

    Ignition of a Combustible Solid with Variable Activation Energy

    Concentration Waves - Effects of an Electric Field

    Mathematical Models of Heat and Mass Transfer in Capillary-Porous Bodies Drying Process

    Reaction Kinetic Parameters Obtained from Differential Scanning Calorimetric Data

    Modeling of Base-Catalyzed Phenolic Polymerization

    Fuzzy Models in Capital Cost Estimation of Chemical Plants

    Solid Mechanics

    On Delamination in Plates: A Unilateral-Contact Approach

    Application of Lagrange's Equation to Crack Propagation Problems

    Modelling the Quasistatic Growth of Curved Interface Cracks in Thermal Stressed Fiber Reinforced Composites by a Modified Crack Closure Integral

    Forced Transient Torsional Waves in a Flawed Elastic Composite

    Computational Modeling of Cumulative Damage Formation in Polymeric Materials

    Structural Damping of Stranded Cable

    Energy Absorption in Large Panel Structural Joints

    Partial Slip Damping in High Strength Friction Grip Bolted Joints

    The Quasi-Elastic Method in Creep Stability Anslysis

    On the Theoretical Modeling of Human Joints

    Theoretical Analysis of Impact of a Fluid-Filled Spherical Shell with a Shallow Shell: A Model for Head Impact

    Mathematical Model of Wrinkling Phenomenon in Structures

    Plane Wave Propagation in Discrete Solids by the Monte Carlo Simulation

    A Simplified Model for the Damaged Segment of a Longitudinally Vibrating Uniform Beam

    A Model of a Fractured Canine Radius Based on the Structural Frequency Response Function

    Modeling of Magnetic Field, Pool Profiles, Temperature Field in Cold Crucible Induction Melting

    Mathematical Model and Parametric Studies of Foundations on Piles

    Fluid Mechanics

    Numerical Model of the Arrested Topographic Wave

    The Oil-Wave Interaction

    Comparison of a Distributed Parameter and a Boundary Integral Model of Long Period Ocean Waves

    Far-Field Contaminant Dispersion in Environmental Flows

    A Mathematical Model for the Drawing of a Solid Continuum Through Newtonian Fluid Filled Tubular Orifice

    Geothermal Aquifer Modelling: A Low Temperature Production/Disposal System

    The Numerical Solution of the Natural Convection Flow in a Square Cavity

    Experimental and Theoretical Study of Non-Darcy Flow Through Porous Media

    Stability of Flow in a Rotating Porous Medium in the Form of An Annulus: The Wide-Gap Problem

    A Theoretical Analysis of Nonisothermal Flow of Two Superimposed Fluids in a Converging Geometry

    Modelling and Optimization Problems for Stochastic Constrained Functionals in the Kinetic Theory of Aerodynamical Shapes

    Water Resources

    Numerical Solution of the Shallow Water Equations with a MacCormack Type Finite Difference Scheme

    Development and Verification of the Eddy Diffusion Thermal Stratification Model, 'U.S.E.D.'

    Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of the Passaic River Basin in New Jersey

    Biomedical Models

    Massively Parallel Computational Models of Biological Systems

    Structural Minimality and Modelling of Systems

    Reduced Models of the Pulmonary Arterial Tree: A Case Study in Modelling Methodology

    Analysis of Flow Through Stenosed Blood Vessels

    Mathematical Model of Aortic Valve Vibration

    Variational Solution for Pulsatile Flow in Rigid Tubes

    Threshold and Conduction Properties of a Diffusion Model of a Myelinated Axon

    Computer Simulation of Arterial Branch Flow

    Mathematical Models of Renal Function

    The Intrinsic Geometry of Biological Surface Growth

    Instabilities in Stem Cell Systems

    Neighborhood Complexities and Symmetry of Chemical Graphs and Their Biological Applications

    Model Formulation, Identification and Validation: An Integrated Approach for the Study of Physiological Systems

    Finite Element Analysis of Enzymatic Removal of ADP from Blood Platelets During Flow

    Mathematical Modeling in Enzyme Systems

    Inverse Solutions for Auditory Evoked Potential Fields

    A Fundamental Problem in Plant Morphogenesis From the Standpoint of Differential Growth

    Modelling in Economics

    A Generalized Test for Four Types of Regression Specification Error

    Estimation and Prediction of Time-Varying Parameter Economic Models

    A Dynamic Model of an Informationally Disaggregate Economy

    Modelling Non-Price Competition and Market Share

    Boom Towns: Queue Up or Bust A Welfare Economy Analysis

    Modelling the Economic Development by Means of Impulsive Control Techniques

    Final Demand Conversion Coefficients for the 1982 United States Input-Output Table and Their Use in Microeconomic Modelling

    Impact of Subsidies and of Tax Deductions on Consumer's Energy Savings - The Belgian Case

    System Identification and Analysis of Inflation in Brazil

    A Method of Getting Approximate Input-Output Table for Less Developed Countries

    Substitutions in the French Food Industry from a Translog Cost Function Model

    Imperfect Price Adjustment, Controlled Price and Multimarket Rationing Models: Their Potential Application to the Modelling of Trade in King and Tanner Crab Products


    Risk Analysis of Railroad Freight Transportation Disasters

    Modeling Community Reactions to Transportation Impacts

    Integration of Choice Set Reduction in Behavioral Choice Travel Demand Models

    A Tour Management System for the Industrial Carrier Problems

    Modelling the Future Air Traffic Demands in Saudi Arabia

    Routing in Strategic Airlift: A Study in Bottleneck Routing

    A Branch and Bound Model for the Transportation Routing Problem

    Industrial Applications

    Modelling and Generalized Solution for the Kinematics of Multi-Axis Robot's Skeleton

    Model Formulation of Flexible Manipulator Arms

    Dynamic Formulation Techniques for Robot Manipulators

    Stochastic Characterization and Modelling of the Roughness of Technological Surfaces

    Computer Control System of Induction Heater

    Integrating Human Factor Aspects in Cost Function Development: A Quality Inspection Case


    Stability of Bifurcating Orbits in a Predator Prey Model

    Primary Productivity and Ecology in Competitive Plant Communities

    Balance of Growth: Cell-Population Approach to Immunity, Hemopoiesis and Cancer

    Population Modelling by Second Order Differential Systems

    Mathematical Modelling Education

    New Approaches to Teaching Mathematical Modelling to Management Students

    Curriculum Development in Mathematical Modelling

    Issues Involved in the Design of a Mathematical Modelling Course

    Mathematical Modelling in a Differential Equations Course

    A Goal Programming Application Academic Planning in a Nigerian University

    General Topics

    Energy Conservation: A Policy Model for the United States

    On the Determinants of Credible Analysis

    Energy Conservation and Modeling of Indoor Pollution

    Some Recent Applications of Mathematical Modelling to Chemistry and Biology

    A Population Model Accounting for Household Dimensions

    Vertical Motion with Air Resistance

    Quantum Mechanics and the Phenomena of Life

    Late Abstracts

    On a New Iterative Method for Mathematical Modelling of Engineering and Biomedical Systems

    Nonclassical Memory Paths in the Description of Material Response to External Excitations

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 1022
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1984
  • Published: January 1, 1984
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483190594

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Xavier J.R. Avula

Rudolf E. Kalman

Anthanasios I. Liapis

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