Materials Performance Maintenance

1st Edition

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Materials Performance Maintenance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 18-21, 1991



This book contains 25 papers taken from proceedings of the Thirtieth Annual Conference of Metallurgists, the first to be organized by the Corrosion Science Section of the Metallurgical Society of CIM. The keynote paper, Environmental Definition, presented by Dr. Roger Staehle, sets the tone for the volume with a focus on maintaining reliable performance by controlling corrosion. In the subsequent papers presented here, topics discussed include corrosion protection and histories, water mains, inhibitors, and expert systems and data handling.


For all those interested in the application of techniques and measures aimed at improving efficiency and performance through the reduction and prevention of corrosion.

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers. Foreword. Keynote. Environmental definition, R W Steahle. Corrosion Protection and Case Histories. Case histories of corrosion protection with nickel-base and cobalt-base alloys, A I Asphahani et al. Practical applications of electrochemical protection vs alloy selection, B Brochu. Electrochemical and corrosion study of diamond-like films on 304L and 316L steels, A Singh et al. Water Mains. Corrosion of water mains, inside and outside, D L Piron et al. Experience with stainless steels in low chloride waters, A H Tuthill. Corrosion failures in the water industry - case histories, M J Szeliga. A summary of the findings of recent watermain corrosion studies in Ontario, R Wakelin & R A Gummov. Cathodic protection of municipal water mains, B J Doherty. Inhibitors. Selection of inhibitors based on structural features, J R Perumareddi et al. Use of electrochemical noise in the study of the inhibitor systems, S T Hirozawa & D E Turcotte. Corrosion behaviour of iron in neutral solutions containing carboxylic compounds, K Takahashi et al. Inhibition of stress corrosion cracking in aluminium 7075-T6 alloy, V S Agarwala. Expert Systems and Data Handling. Corrosion cost and risk analysis: coping with uncertainty, K A Sosin & P R Roberge. Saving money with predictive maintenance software - a pragmatic approach, G Van Volkenburgh. Automatic specification writing and case history compilation, S Murray. An expert system for the water chemistry control of a nuclear reactor, B Price et al. An electrochemical method to control the anodizing process, S Yousri. Keyword subject index. Author index.


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