These proceedings describe physical and biological observations (including remote sensing observations) made at such diverse marine ergoclines as pynoclines, fronts, water-sediment and water-ice interfaces in different locations and environmental conditions. Mathematical models are described which are used to investigate the phenomena, providing a common language for their interpretation and the bases of the ecohydrodynamic study of marine interfaces.

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Biological production at marine ergoclines (L. Legendre et al.). Biological production at the ice-water ergocline (S. Demers et al.). Studying fronts as contact ecosystems (S. Frontier). The frontal zone in the southern Benguela current (L. Hutchings et al.). The dynamic control of biological activity in the southern Benguela upwelling region (G.B. Brundrit). Frontal zones, chlorophyll and primary production patterns in the surface waters of the southern ocean south of Cape Town (J.R.E. Lutjeharms et al.). Frontal systems in the German Bight and their physical and biological effects (G. Krause et al.). Role of thermal fronts on Georges Bank primary production (P. Klein). The role of streamers associated with mesoscale eddies in the transport of biological substances between slope and ocean waters (C.S. Yentsch, D.A. Phinney). On the dynamics of a tidal mixing front (G.J.F. Heijst). Zooplankton in the upwelling fronts off Pt. Conception, California (S.L. Smith et al.). Observations of finestructure formed in a continental shelf front (Southeastern Bering Sea) (L.K. Coachman). Some aspects of the Liguro-Provençal frontal ecohydrodynamics (J.H. Hecq et al.). Plankton distributions and processes in the Baltic boundary zones (M. Kahru et al.). The role of the loop current in the Gulf of Mexico fronts (D.A. Salas de Leon, M.A. Monreal Gomez). Preliminary study of a front in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico (S.P.R. Czitrom et al.). The interaction of physical and biological processes in a model of the vertical distribution of phytoplankton under stratification (A.H. Taylor et al.). Estimates of the nitrogen flux required for the maintenance of subsurface chlorophyll maxima on the Agulhas Bank (R.A. Carter et al.). Modelling the time dependent photoadaptation of phytoplankton to fluctuating light (K.L. Denman, J. Marra). The effects of the broad spectrum of physical activity on the biological processes in the Chesapeake Bay (A. Brandt et al.). Aspects of the northern Be


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