Manual of Obstetrics - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9788131225561

Manual of Obstetrics

3rd Edition

Authors: SUDIP Chakravarti
Paperback ISBN: 9788131225561
Imprint: Elsevier India
Published Date: 20th October 2010
Page Count: 638

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This book is based on the classic ‘Holland & Brews Manual of Obstetrics’. It presents a thorough and comprehensive exposition of obstetrics for undergraduate students. Basic principles, investigations, management options as well as the recent advances have all been explained in a simple and systematic manner. A practical approach is adopted throughout the book and problems likely to occur in day-to-day clinical practice are highlighted.

Key Features

  • New chapter on Dengue Fever Complicating Pregnancy
  • Addition of Chapter Overview in every chapter
  • Inclusion of Points to Remember in every chapter highlighting important information
  • Thorough revision and updation of every chapter
  • Presentation in full colour with inclusion of several new flowcharts, photographs and tables

Table of Contents


nbsp;Section I Basics of Reproduction

1 Reproductive Anatomy 1

2 Fundamentals of Reproduction 17

3 The Fetus 32

4 Birth Defects, Genetics, Teratology and Counselling 38

5 Maternal Physiologic Changes in Pregnancy 42

6 Endocrinology of Pregnancy 48

Section II Normal Pregnancy

7 Diagnosis of Pregnancy 53

8 The Fetus in Utero and Fetopelvic Relationship 58

9 Prenatal (Antenatal) Care 63

10 Fetus at Risk: Identification and Assessment 80

Section III Medical, Surgical and Gynaecological Disorders in Pregnancy

11 Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy 87

12 Epilepsy in Pregnancy 100

13 Anaemia in Pregnancy 103

14 Heart Diseases in Pregnancy 112

15 Diabetes in Pregnancy 120

16 Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy 128

17 Pyelonephritis in Pregnancy 131

18 Malaria in Pregnancy 134

19 Dengue Fever Complicating Pregnancy 139

20 Hepatitis in Pregnancy 141

21 Bronchial Asthma in Pregnancy 147

22 Tuberculosis Complicating Pregnancy 150

nbsp;23 Rh-Isoimmunization 154

24 HIV Infection Complicating Pregnancy 160

25 Perinatal Infectious Diseases 164

26 Surgical Disorders in Pregnancy 170

27 Gynaecological Disorders in Pregnancy 176

Section IV Obstetric Disorders in Pregnancy

28 Abortion 181

29 Ectopic Pregnancy 190

30 Intrauterine Fetal Growth Restriction (Retardation) 196

31 Multifetal Pregnancy 203

32 Antepartum Haemorrhage 211

33 Placenta Praevia 213

34 Accidental Haemorrhage (Abruptio Placentae) 220

35 Hydramnios 225

36 Post-term Pregnancy (Postmaturity and Postdatism) 230

37 Intrauterine Fetal Death 234

38 Gestational Trophoblastic Disease 237


Section V Normal Labour

39 Onset of Labour

41 Effects of Labour on Mother and Fetus

42 Clinical Course of Labour

43 Mechanism of Labour

44 Documentation of Labour

45 Management of Labour


Section VI Abnormal Labour

46 Abnormal Fetal Positions and Presentations

47 Prolonged Labour

48 Abnormal Uterine Action

49 Contracted Pelvis

50 Obstructed Labour

51 Rupture of the Uterus

52 Other Maternal Soft Tissue Traumas

53 Postpartum Haemorrhage

54 Preterm Labour 340

55 Premature Rupture of Membranes 346

56 Induction of Labour 348

57 Fetal Surveillance in Labour 355

58 Fetal Distress 360

59 Obstetric Shock 364

60 Pulmonary (Amniotic Fluid) Embolism in Obstetrics 370

61 Coagulation Disorders and Thrombocytopenia 373nbsp;


Section VII Puerperium

62 Normal Puerperium

63 Disorders of the Puerperiumnbsp;


Section VIII Drugs in Obstetrics

64 Obstetric Analgesia and Anaesthesia 407

65 Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation 416


Section IX Investigations in Obstetric Practice and the Assessment of Fetal Well-being

66 Ultrasonography in Fetal Health Assessment 437

67 Antenatal Detection of Abnormal Fetal Development


Section X Obstetric Interventions and Operations

69 Operative Procedures in Early Pregnancy

70 Versions

71 Episiotomy

72 Obstetric Forceps

73 Vacuum Extractor (Ventouse)

74 Caesarean Section

75 Surgical Management of Severe Obstetric Haemorrhage

76 Destructive Operations on the Fetus


Section XI Safe Motherhood

77 The Safe Motherhood Initiative

78 Maternal Mortality

79 Perinatal Mortality


Section XII The Newborn Infant

80 Care and Examination of the Newborn

81 Adaptation and Resuscitation of the Newborn

82 Problems of the Newborn

83 Infections in the Newborn

84 Congenital Fetal Malformations

85 Neurological Presentations in the Newborn

86 The Small Newborn (Low Birth Weight)


Section XIII Contraception and Termination of Pregnancy

87 Contraception

88 Induced Abortions: Medical Termination of Pregnancy


Section XIV Contemporary Obstetric Practice

89 Immunology in Pregnancy

90 Trauma in Pregnancy

91 Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Pregnancy

92 Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

93 Medicolegal Issues and Risk Management

94 Special Cases in Obstetric Practice

95 Evidence-based Obstetrics




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About the Author

SUDIP Chakravarti

Dr Sudip Chakravarti is currently working as Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Kolkata. He is the former President of Bengal Obstetric and Gynaecological society and Vice President of Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI).

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Kolkata