Managing Client Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource - 3rd Edition

Managing Client Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

3rd Edition

Authors: Elizabeth Wywialowski
Imprint: Mosby

Key Features

  • Content focuses on client care management, rather than staff management, to go beyond basic management concepts and help those whose role will be managing quality client care.
  • Essential theoretical information is covered with an emphasis on practical application.
  • Application Exercises at the end of each chapter challenge readers to apply what they've just learned. A brief clinical situation is followed by questions or commands to describe the solution, based on what was learned in the chapter.
  • Critical Thinking Scenarios at the end of each chapter give readers a short case study to consider and questions to test their application of knowledge.
  • A competency-based format is applied throughout and is based on a research study that identifies clinical management skills needed by beginning staff nurses.
  • Objectives and Key Concepts at the beginning of each chapter provide readers with a glimpse at important information contained within. Key concepts are also shown in boldface upon first mention in that chapter.
  • Cartoons are provided throughout to keep readers more actively interested in the text content.


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Elizabeth Wywialowski