Managing a Veterinary Practice

2nd Edition


  • Erik Back
  • Caroline Jevring-Back
    • Print ISBN 9780702028205

    Key Features

    • Fully updated with a new chapter on financial management written by new co-author and economist Erik Bäck
    • Focuses on key management issues including the importance of clear leadership and communication and compliance
    • Creates an understanding of the philosophy and background to effective business management
    • Demonstrates practical applications of the essential management principles needed to run a veterinary practice
    • Introduction of illustrations and photographs highlight and clarify important elements in the text
    • Extended appendices which include guidance on conducting market surveys
    • Highlighted boxes used to emphasize points, show examples and give advice

    Table of Contents

    1. Leading change

    2. Creating a successful business

    3. Managing the economy in your vet clinic

    4. What leaders really do

    5. What does a practice manager do?

    6. Effective communication: the vital link

    7. Understanding your staff – what makes people tick

    8. Developing your practice team

    9. Marketing your practice

    10. Professional retailing in practice

    11. Understanding your clients

    12. Achieving excellence in client service

    13. Compliance: the art of making effective recommendations

    14. Role of wellness healthcare in veterinary practice

    15. The future of veterinary business

    Appendix 1 Telephone skills

    Appendix 2 Planning and managing effective team meetings

    Appendix 3 External lecturing

    Appendix 4 Process mapping and quality control

    Appendix 5 Setting fees in practice

    Appendix 6 Practice promotional literature

    Appendix 7 Conducting market surveys



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