Low Latitude Aeronomical Processes - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080244396, 9781483150741

Low Latitude Aeronomical Processes

1st Edition

Proceedings of a Symposium of the Twenty-Second Plenary Meeting of COSPA, Bangalore, India, 29 May to 9 June 1979

Editors: A. P. Mitra
eBook ISBN: 9781483150741
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 14th April 1980
Page Count: 320
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Low Latitude Aeronomical Processes contains the papers presented at the symposium on Low Latitude Aeronomical Processes, held in Bangalore, India in May and June 1979. The conference focuses on the discussion and exchange of scientific studies on low latitude aeronomy, of which India is one of the main practitioners. The presentations contained in the book cover areas of study in equatorial electrojet, electric field, and electric current; low latitude middle atmosphere; and low latitude ionosphere above 100 km. Trans-ionospheric propagation in the equatorial regions and stratospheric chemistry and sun-weather relationships for low latitude regions, as well as a discussion on incoherent and coherent scatter observations at low latitude, are encompassed as well. Atmospheric physicists and researchers will find this book an interesting read.

Table of Contents


Session 1. Equatorial Electrojet, Electric Field and Electric Current—I

A Review of the Electron Density Irregularities in the Equatorial D and E Region

Local Time Dependence of the Seasonal and Solar Cycle Variations in Equatorial Electrojet Field

Rocket Measurements of Electron Densities in the Equatorial Electrojet

VHF Radar Observations of Possible Gravity Wave-Generated Electric Fields in the Equatorial Electrojet

The Lunar Phase and the Equatorial Electrojet

Height Structure of the Equatorial Electrojet as Observed with the VHF Backscatter Radar

Session 2. Equatorial Electrojet, Electric Field and Electric Current—II

Electrodynamic Coupling of Auroral and Equatorial Dynamo Regions - II Quiet Days

Fluctuations of Hat Equatorial Stations and Interplanetary Magnetic Field

Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Contributions to Low Latitude Geomagnetic Field Variations during a Magnetic Storm

Interaction of the Gravity Waves with the Ionospheric E-Region Plasma and the Excitation of Plasma Instabilities

Ionospheric Drift Studies Near Equatorial Electrojet Region

Session 3. Low Latitude Middle Atmosphere

Long Period Waves in the Lower Stratosphere over the Equatorial Region

On Two Meteorological Aspects of Low Latitude Stratosphere and Mesosphere-Upper Stratospheric Zonal Wind Reversals and a Warming Layer Below the Mesopause

Determination of Nitric Oxide Height Distribution from Rocket Ion Composition Results at Low Latitudes

Dayglow Investigations at Pune

Detection of Night-Time Cosmic X-Ray Effects in the Middle Atmosphere at Low Latitudes

Formation of the Electron Density Layers in the Equatorial E-Region

On the Origin of Blanketing and Diffused Sporadic E Layers at Equatorial and Low Latitudes

Session 4. Low Latitude Ionosphere above 100 km Modeling, Structure and Dynamics—I

Review of Theoretical Modeling in the Low Latitude Ionosphere

Longitudinal Variation of Peak Electron Density at Low Latitudes

Variability of Upper Atmospheric Composition at the Dip Equator

Photochemical Model of Ion Composition and Electron Density in the ionosphere at 70-300 km

On Explaining the Ionospheric Composition and Temperature Changes during Storms at Low Latitudes

Photo-electron Flux and Thermal Electron Heating Rate Modeling in the Equatorial Ionosphere

An Empirical Model of Night Equatorial Ionosphere on Data from RPA on OGO-6 Satellite

Rocket Observations of Energetic Ions in the Nighttime Equatorial Precipitation Zone

The Equatorial Aurora in the Extreme Ultraviolet

Session 5. Low Latitude Ionosphere above 100 km Modeling, Structure and Dynamics—II

On the Large Spatial and Local Time Electron Density Gradients in the Equatorial F-Region

Latitudinal Features of F-Region Electron and Neutral Parameters

Day-to-Day Variability in the Low-Latitude Ionosphere

Total Electron Content Measurements at Waltair Using ETS II Geo-Stationary Satellite

Nighttime Influx of Plasma at Low Latitudes: IEC Observations at Delhi

Radio Beacon Studies of Equatorial Electron Content

Nighttime Anomalous Enhancements in Total Electron Content at Hawaii

On the Dispersive Nature of F2-Region TIDs over Waltair

Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances over the Magnetic Equator

Night-Time F Region Ionization Drifts and Loss Rates from Incoherent Scatter Measurements at Arecibo

Tropospheric Westerly Jet Streams as Sources of Medium Scale TID's over India during Winter

Session 6. Trans-ionospheric Propagation

Modeling of Equatorial Phase and Amplitude Scintillations from OGO-6 and AE Irregularity Data

Multi-frequency Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillations in American and Indian Zones

Modeling of Equatorial Nighttime Ionospheric Scintillations

VHF Satellite Signal Scintillation Near the Edge of the Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularity Belt

A New Model of Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillations in the Indian Zone

Effects of the Ionosphere on Satellite to Ground Communications at the Equator

Session 7. Stratospheric Chemistry and Sun-Weather Relationships

Climatic Effects of Ozone Change: A Review

The Coherency between Sunspot Activity and Rainfall

Influence of Solar Magnetic Sector Structure and Geomagnetic Disturbances on Vorticity Area Index at 500 mb

The Mean Annual Variation of the Precipitation and the Pressure in the Zone 0°-10° of the Northern Hemisphere

Periodicties Associated with Solar Rotation

Relationships Between Year-to-Year Variations in Atmospheric Zone, Solar Corpuscular Radiation and Rainfall over U.P. (East) and Rajasthan (West) in India

On Possible Influence of 11-Year Solar Activity Cycle over Equatorial Region upon the Stratosphere Circulation

Direct Measurements of Water Vapor Concentration in the Stratosphere and Mesosphere in the Mid-Latitudes of the USSR and in the Equatorial Zone

Session 8. Discussion Session on Incoherent and Coherent Scatter Observations at Low Latitudes

Dynamics of the Equatorial Middle and Upper Atmosphere Based on Incoherent Scatter Type Radar Observation

Design Study of an Incoherent Scatter Radar for Equatorial Aeronomy

Late Paper

Vertical Distribution of Airglow Emissions in the Equatorial Ionosphere during Moderate Geomagnetic Activity

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