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Inaugural Address: On Scientific Information, Explanation and Progress (S. Korner). 1. Proof Theory and Foundations of Mathematics. Contributors: P. Aczel, M.J. Beeson, W.A. Howard, G.E. Minc. 2. Model Theory and Its Applications. Contributors: G.L. Cherlin, B.I. Zil'ber. 3. Recursion Theory and Theory of Computation. Contributors: S.D. Friedman, W. Maass. 4. Axiomatic Set Theory. Contributors: S. Todorčevič, W.H. Woodin. 5. Philosophical Logic. Contributors: J. Barwise, M.L. Dalla Chiara, J. van Benthem. 6. General Methodology of Science. Contributors: W. Balzer, C.-U. Moulines, I. Niiniluoto, J.D. Sneed, B.C. van Fraassen. 7. Foundations of Probability and Induction. Contributors: H. Gaifman, F. Jackson, I. Levi. 8. Foundations and Philosophy of the Physical Sciences. Contributors: J. Ehlers, D.B. Malament, R. Torretti. 9. Foundations and Philosophy of Biology. Contributors: M. Grene, M. Ruse, B.G. Yudin. 10. Foundations and Philosophy of Psychology. Contributors: D. Kahneman, J. Smedslund, E.N. Sokolov, A. Tversky. 11. Foundations and Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Contributors: R. Harré, L. Hertzberg, D. Sperber. 12. Foundations and Philosophy of Linguistics. Contributors: E. Bach, L.J. Cohen. 13. History of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Contributors: G. Buchdahl, D.L. Hull, V.N. Sadovsky. 14. Fundamental Principles of the Ethics of Science. Contributors: R.M. Hare, J. Ladriere, K.E. Tranøy, M. Przełecki.


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